Monday, February 20, 2012

CNY Food by beloved Grandma

Another outdated post...

We are very lucky to have my Grandma to whip up delicious meals for us each time we are back home. She does not look 84 at all and she is still very healthy and she has the loudest voice for an old lady her age!

On CNY Day 2 when everyone was back for a short gathering over lunch, Grandma whipped up these yummylicious dishes:

Her signature prawns: Deep fried with sugar, salt, spring onions and fried shallots.

Steamed salted kampung chicken

Everyone's favorite dish: "Yong Dan" (cantonese). A combination of fish paste, pork and prawns wrapped with eggs. 

Rendang Chicken

Another signature dish: Braised sea cucumber..yum yum

A big pot of pig stomach soup with her homemade fish balls.

Stir fried nga ku with siew yoke and leek

Hubs been bugging me to learn how to cook all those yummy dishes for him. Okok, I shall learn some secret from grandma whenever I have the chance :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Plain Lazy

I have been hearing comments from the school principal about Ziyi refusing to write but I usually just leave it as she doesn't have any problems writing at home. However yesterday, the principal told me again that Ziyi refused to write again. She has a new class teacher now, Teacher Kim, and she lied to Teacher Kim that she doesn't know how to write the alphabet D. When the principal entered her classroom and saw Teacher Kim holding her hand to write, she was shocked. She told Teacher Kim that Ziyi can write pretty well without help. I too have noticed that Ziyi is very lazy to write/color whenever she is not in the mood and it sometimes took her 10mins to write 1 alphabet! 

It so happened that her school friend's mother brought some fried Nien Gao over to share with the daycare kids yesterday. Being a very "wai sek" (love to eat) kid, she asked for a piece of the kuih. So the principal told her to finish writing her alphabets before she could eat the kuih. She happily wrote the whole page of exercise book with the alphabet E within 10mins and proceeded to help herself with the kuih.

She is just plain lazy to write or do any homework when she is not in the mood for it. She would even cry in the class when she was forced to write/color. I wonder whose trait she is after eh?? hmm...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CNY Celebration 2012

This year's CNY was a tad different. We travelled down to Kluang, hubs' hometown and it was also Ziyi's first CNY there!

CNY Eve and 1st day were spent in KL, 2nd & 3rd day in Seremban. On the 3rd day, we travelled to Kluang and spent a night there before heading back to KL on the 4th day.

It is so much easier to travel now that Ziyi is 3.5 years old, she is less fussier, cries lesser, and so much easier when it comes to her choice of food. She eats almost everything that's being served and I'm sooo glad and relieved.

1st day of CNY...she looks so Ah Soh here..with 2 bags!

The usual scene I see & experience almost everyday: Father (sometimes mommy) and daughter fighting for iPhone.

The ganas Leanne & Ziyi. The mini Leanne likes to attack every kid she sees, babies especially! 

The 2 best friends finally met on 2nd day of CNY! They can't get enough of each other and misses each other very much whenever they are torn apart between 2 States! Here they look like they are being given a good lecture but in fact I can't remember what happened that day. 

The house was filled with food & people and kids were running everywhere. Chaotic but filled with laughter and happiness.

Finally reached Kluang and checked into a newish budget hotel. Room was small but acceptable and it was clean too. She was pretending to talk to Nathan and Sally.

Father & daughter playing pop pop cracker before leaving for KL later in the evening. That's about it for CNY, nothing much really.

Food that Ziyi Eats

I have heard so much about Kanna Curry House but have not tried it until one day when I decided to bring the hubs to eat there because he's one banana leaf rice fan! I was too lazy to cook for Ziyi, so she had to eat what is being served there. 

Poor Ziyi, she ate white rice with papadum, some cabbage and fried chicken. Her rice was so dry, no gravy for her at all. hehe... I ordered a fried egg for her too.

Our food.. yummy!

This was taken at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. She ate waffle with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. She is into everything chocolatey!

Home-cooked meal! Pan fried salmon with vegetable of the day.

Her first visit to Tutti Frutti. Bought her favourite chocolate ice cream but she still asked for McD cone sundae! Cheap maintenance huh??!

Happy with an ice-cream from McD. Only RM1.05.......daddy is the happiest with her choice!


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