Wednesday, October 28, 2009

baby noah by baby einstein

i have to coax ziyi into eating her porridge/meals everyday. i discovered a way of doing that few weeks back, which is to let her watch her cartoons. ziyi likes to watch baby macdonalds by baby einstein, she used to be very afraid of the animals especially the rooster. but after watching the vcd for months, she started to like it now. she can even say some of them like chick, horse, moo-moo, pig, hay, apple, milk, and egg.

thinking she likes animals so much, i bought her a new baby einstein vcd last friday, baby noah. mana tau...she freaks out when she heard the animal sounds! muahahahaaa.... these are like wild animals on the savannah, etc, unlike baby macdonalds (animals on the farm). she won't watch the show alone, one of us has to be sitting next to her and she will kept telling us she's scared "paaah"... i guess it will take her months before she get used to it again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

playgroup at kizsports & gym 1utama

we signed ziyi up for a free trial at kizsports & gym 1utama last sunday. it was a program called LittleWalker (LW), lasted 1 hour. it was recommended for kids from 13 months to 24months old. there were around 6-8 kids in our class and all of them were girls, except for 1 boy!
the program consists of warm up activities, sing-along session (more of act along), obstacle-course and free-play to raise a child's self-awareness and develop co-ordinated body movements. after the warming up there was sing-along session, but my sweetiepie wasn't interested at all, she was so attracted to the "equipments" in the class, couldn't wait to run and climb everywhere!

poor ziyi, she fell and hit the metal part while daddy was jumping with her on the trampoline :( the back of her head was swollen but lucky it subsided few hours later.

ziyi was super tired after that, she konked out in the car and continued sleeping when we reached home. good exercise for her!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

pneumoccocal jab part 2

i brought my baby to the paedic this morning for her pneumoccocal jab. she was afraid to enter the doc's room and cried a little. when her doc jabbed her on her thigh, she wailed! poor baby, it must be very painful. she couldn't wait for me to carry her out of the doc's room, she said "bai" (bye) to everyone (doc and nurses) when i told the doc "thankyou", which was unexpected :)

her weight is 9.5kg and height is 79.5cm, which is slightly below average. it could be genetic since hubby and i are not big size.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pneumoccocal jab

we brought ziyi to the clinic yesterday evening for her 2nd dose pneumoccocal jab. unfortunately, when her paedic checked her temperature, it was 37.4c and so ziyi escaped getting her jab. sigh.... i have to bring her there again and this time it will be in the morning. i wonder why her temperature will rise in the evening, especially after her evening bath.

the jab ain't cheap, it costs us RM300.00 when she had her 1st dose when she turned 1. and oh, baby's weight is still hovering at 9.5kg (at 16mo), haiz........


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