Monday, December 19, 2011

Outgrowing Her Separation Anxiety

At 3.5 years old, my little Ziyi is slowly outgrowing her separation anxiety. She has followed my PIL out on 2 different occasions lately, without asking for mummy to follow. I also realized she is starting to get close and attach to daddy more as compared to her younger days, where she never really liked daddy to touch her, carry her, feed her, bathe her, etc.. 

Yesterday she allowed daddy to bring her out to the playground too, unlike few months ago, where she would cry murder when I didn't follow, or she'd rather stayed home than to go to the playground with daddy!

I feel more relief now that she's giving me a little space to breathe and not clinging onto me too much like before. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cutting her hair short, again

It wasn't easy coaxing this little girl to cut her hair. She never allowed anyone to cut her hair since she was a baby. She had phobia seeing hairs dropped on the floor or on her body.  As she grows, she outgrew her phobia too. Her very first hair cut at a salon was when she turned 4 months old where we shaved her hair off. Second time was somewhere mid this year and now this is the 3rd time. In between I tried trimming her hair at home every now and then but it was a really tough job to perform.

I was glad this time she allowed the stylist to cut her hair without making a fuss! She got a little impatient towards the end, kept asking me if it's done. I like her in short hair, she looks so much cuter now!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Reading skills

Ziyi's reading skills has improved tremendously. She can now reads most of the words in her simple story books and activity books. 

She is always reading from her Dora The Explorer  and Thomas & Friends story books. 


She can even read the instructions on all her activity books, like "Add up all the lambs on this page" and "Count the number of flowers and place the missing stickers" etc, etc. That's truly amazing for a soon to be 3.5 year old kid. Another plus point is that mummy gets a break while she does her reading all by herself. 

That being said, she may be the studious type but not the creative one. Maybe we should engage her into more art & craft activities and imaginative play to bring out her creativity rather than being a book worm all the time. I definitely don't want a nerdy daughter. >.<

Boosting my immune system!

Dang! I've been down with cold pretty often ever since I had Ziyi. Pregnancy and parenting has taken its toll on my health! I realized I hardly fell sick before my pregnancy until I had Ziyi 3+ years ago.

What has caused my weaken immune system? Late nights and interrupted sleeps? I've become a light sleeper ever since this baby was born. My motherly instinct keeps me awake few times in the middle of the night to check on her, to see if she is warm enough, to check if she wets her bed, etc etc. Worse when she is ill.

I'm now having cough and blocked nose, which is causing my extreme headache too! Breathing through my mouth is making me burping all the time due to gassy stomach. Totally irritating. I'm going to stock up on immune system boosting supplements. I've read so much about Esberitox N and I'm going to give that a shot. 3 times a day, plus my Blackmores Vitamin C. It's high time to do something about it before the big move to migrate to Australia, I am pretty sure I will be even more prone to cold and cough with the crazy weather there.

As for Ziyi, she is supplemented with Seven Seas Multivitamin and Probiotics. That should work well with her.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ziyi is down with fever

Viral attack! The hubs got it first, then Ziyi's turn now. She had mild fever on Sunday and a full blown fever attack on Monday morning.

  • Her temperature was hovering between 37.5 - 39.4 on Monday & Tuesday. 
  • Didn't bring her to the doctor, self treating her for at least 3 days, and if fever is still high, then only decide to bring her to the doctor's clinic.
  • I administered her with Paracetamol & Nurofen, alternating them at 3 hourly interval.
  • Fed her with meehoon soup with fishball, plain porridge and plain bread. Lots of fluids - plain water, barley water and coconut water.
  • Sponge her with wet towel whenever her temp shoots up.
  • She was bored with her choices of food, and asking for bananas on Tuesday! I had to go all over our neighborhood in the morning to look for banana. After a few rounds & stops, finally found a shop selling decent looking bananas! Why can't they open a decent fruits shop in this area???
  • Her temperature went down on Tuesday night, but decided to let her rest another day before sending her to kindy on Thursday.
  • Today (3rd day), she stayed home and ate bread with butter and plain porridge. 

This is the first time I didn't rush her to the doc's clinic for falling sick with high temperature. She's very prone to throat infection which leads to high fever. I'm glad this time I was able to control her temperature well and hope to send her to kindy tomorrow again.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dinner at Yin Her Restaurant Sg Buloh

It was PIL's 35th anniversary 2 weeks ago, we had a dinner gathering at Yin Her Restaurant in Sg Buloh. It was my 2nd time to this place and I like their food which is good and reasonably priced too. 

The fishing pond behind the restaurant

I like this picture

Mantis prawn fried in butter sauce

Stir fried deer meat in black pepper sauce

Curry fish head

Our food just before whacking them!

The total bill came up to about RM170+. Very cheap eh for KL standard and environment was ok too especially for a fussy person like me.


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