Saturday, April 23, 2011

approaching 3 years old and getting very mischievous

when i thought ziyi is "outgrowing" her terrible two, i could at least breathe a sigh of relief. boy, i was so wrong. she's just 2 months shy from her 3rd birthday and i can already see her horrible 3 now!

there were a number of times when i reprimanded her and she would scold me in return. for instance, there was once when she made me really angry and i yelled at her "don't make mummy angry!".... she yelled back at me "don't make ziyi angry!"  along with the same expression and gesture as mine. she was not scared of me at all!

one more classic example. last night i told her to wash her hands after playing with her play-doh. i was trying to help her get rid of the dough from underneath her fingernails and she refused to let me do it. this little rascal was mad at me and she splashed water on my face. i beat her on the palm a few times but she ignored me and continued with her nasty behaviour. she even beat my hand! that made me so so mad and i scolded her. her expression changed but she controlled her tears and did not cry at all.

finally i made her apologize and this time she did, willingly somemore. she's a very stubborn person, she normally refuse to apologize and i have to explain, coax and persuade her to say sorry! i hope she'll outgrow her nasty behavior fast. 

we were having our evening stroll in the neighbourhood and 
here she was staring at the fierce and barking dog

 she can be very adorable and lovable when she's in her best behavior. 
but when her bad mood strikes, she can be a pain in........*speechless*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i want to go to the zoo

i bought ziyi a new puzzle 2 weeks ago. it was a puzzle of various animals in the jungle. she's never good at fixing puzzle as she is one impatient kid who just can't sit still for more than a minute, unless her fav cartoon is on the TV. however, she's quite good at fixing this particular puzzle, as compared to her other cartoon puzzles. i guess she really likes this one.

when ziyi saw the elephant in the puzzle, she said she wants to sit on the elephant. she was so excited when i told her we can see elephants and many other animals in the zoo. she immediately told me she wants to go to the zoo with mummy and daddy. this long winded girl has been repeating the same request over and over again for the past 1 week. 

daddy has promised to bring ziyi to the zoo and i just have to make sure daddy keeps his promise. 

psst... actually i'm not too keen coz i hate the hot hot hot weather...:(

drinks to bring down heatiness

ziyi is very prone to throat infection and that will lead her to have high fever. after going through the pain and agony of dealing with a sick and cranky child, which also means having hard time administering antibiotics and fever medicine, i am now taking precaution steps. although antibiotics are effective in treating her but i really hate the idea of my baby taking so much of antibiotics. 

ziyi is not allowed to take so much fried and heaty food. i try to boil barley for her once a week and in order to make her drink them i will have to add some Ribena into her barley drink. coconut water is another drink which i like to give it to her because it helps to keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.

coconut water is incredibly healthy and one of the best drinks to hydrate the body. besides helping to remove toxins from the body and aiding digestion, coconuts have amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that help to cure diseases.


i always try to drop by the Malay stall in my neighbourhood every other day to buy few packets of coconut water for the family. i will choose only the young and unsweetened ones. ziyi doesn't really like it as it's a tad sourish but i try to negotiate with her and make her drink at least 1/4 cup. 

i hope with the barley and coconut water, it helps to lessen the frequency of her contracting bacterial infection and high fever again. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

potty training - update 2

i finally managed to train ziyi to poo poo in the toilet bowl.  she achieved this at the age of 2y 9mo. she has thus far been doing pretty well but i realized she only tells me whenever she needs to do her big business. if i'm not around, she would either do it in her diaper if she's wearing one or she would do it in her pants!! yes! that's what she did the other night. poo poo in her pants when i was busy in the kitchen, gosh! i didn't bother to clean or wash her pants, just chucked it in the rubbish bin. hah...problem solved!

when we are downstairs at the living hall, i would leave the old-fashioned red potty in the kitchen for her to pee. i tried asking her to poo in the red potty before but she refused. she will only poo in the adult toilet bowl in my room. she is just plain choosy i guess.

our weekend - just the TWO of us

hubby went back to Johor with his parents 2 weekends ago for "ching ming". i refused to follow as i dislike travelling long distance and me being a fussy mummy would be complaining all day long if i couldn't have a proper and clean bathroom to bath my girl, clean sheets to sleep on, the trouble to cook for her in an unfamiliar kitchen and the hot hot weather was extremely unbearable for me! 

i opted to stay back in KL with my sweetie-pie though i knew it would be very tiring for me to handle everything on my own but i reckoned it would be much better than to join them in Johor. 

on Saturday morning, i cooked porridge for her, fed her at 10+am, cleaned the house and we bathed together before leaving for my lunch with my cousin's family. we had a quick lunch at a restaurant nearby which serve very good charsiew. the best-est charsiew i've ever tasted.

after her usual afternoon nap, i brought her to the playground behind our house and later left for dinner at Klafz in the neighborhood.

she was at her best behavior that night and did not come down from her seat throughout the dinner.

she was enjoying the sate but didn't eat much of the rice as she already had a big bowl of porridge at home earlier.

my plate of fried rice

my set came with a scoop of ice cream

on Sunday, i decided to bring her out for a shopping trip. as usual, i had to cook and feed her before going out. we went to Subang Parade because i wanted to bring her to MPH bookstore. we stopped at Manhattan Fish Market for my lunch break. after lunch we spent some reading time at the bookstore and i bought her a Dora book. the selections at this outlet are not so great, i will have to bring her to the bigger ones like mid valley. 

this girl indulge in the french fries and i taught her to dip the fries in tartar sauce. she likes it!

Mediterranean baked fish, delish!

later in the evening, her friend Kayla came visiting with her mummy. here they were in the backseat as we were leaving for dinner nearby my house. they look and talked so cutely, copycat each other words. ziyi tends to be more of a parrot, repeating after what kayla said.

ziyi and i had a great bonding time together. she is starting to outgrow her terrible two and getting slightly easier for me to handle her. she is still very clingy as she refused to follow anyone else (daddy included) unless mummy is going with her. hopefully there will be more opportunities for me to spend time with her alone again. i really enjoyed it and so did she!

Friday, April 8, 2011

food ziyi eats

now that ziyi eats her lunch and dinner in school, i try to give her variety of food and fruits when she's eating at home. i will cook for her on weekends too to ensure she's getting all the nutrients she needs. 

on weekdays after fetching her from school, i will prepare fruits and snacks for her in the evening as she usually finished her dinner by 5.30pm. 

here, she's getting her protein intake from a hard-boiled kampung egg (free range)

her potassium fix...banana!! her all time favourite

one of her meals on weekends - brown rice porridge with beetroot, fish, tomatoes and green veg. 

her fiber & vit c intake from dragonfruit & grapes.

ahhh....this reminds me of what happened on the day she ate these fruits. i told her that we must share share when i passed her this plate of fruits. she started off with grapes (she loves grapes more than dragonfruit) and after few mouths she insisted to share her fruits with me. 

ziyi: mummy share share... (pointing at the dragonfruit) mummy eat dragonfruit!

i pretended to eat her dragonfruit and passed her back her fork. she ended up polishing the whole plate of fruits and passed me the empty plate saying: i finished already, mummy eat something else!
i was speechless..

cheese with bread presented in bite size with these cute animal pickers i got from Daiso

eating her apples while watching tv. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

don't disturb ziyi...

last night i tucked her to bed at 9+ pm. she asked me to off all the lights so that she could sleep and i usually stays in the room to accompany her till she falls asleep. as usual, i would use the laptop to check my emails and FB. after about 10mins, she called me.

ziyi: mummy, pull sleeves up. itchy (showing me her arms)

me: ok 
(and i stayed next to her)

ziyi: mummy don't disturb ziyi. mummy see computer 
(pointing at the computer and repeating her commands till i moved i butt!!)

she's so vocal now and likes giving commands to everyone at home. daddy said she can be a teacher/lecturer next time. haha.

however my baby girl likes to give me hugs and kisses all the time. hubby is a bit unlucky coz she sometimes refuse to kiss him no matter how her daddy pleads. poor daddy. 

ziyi, must remember your daddy loves you very much too!

toys for ziyi

the popular Mattel warehouse sale was here last week. my friend tempted me again. we went to the crazy warehouse sale 2 years back when ziyi was just few months old and i spent close to a thousand on her toys alone. this year we went early, as early as 9.30am and waited at the entrance of Wisma Atria.

the crowd was not that bad but they were very aggressive. people just grabbed everything they could and then re-select what they want later. that's what we did too.

i was a bit more discipline this time, ended up with a gift for my nephew and a few Barbie dolls for ziyi. no more Fisherprice stuffs for her (that's what i bought mostly for her 2 years ago). the damage: RM190 only. phew...


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