Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Little Reader @ 3yr 9mo

Ziyi's definitely a person who memorizes well and learns everything by the book. She has been reading pretty well lately. Throw her a simple story book and she could read almost every word all by herself. I'm definitely proud of her but at the same time I'm worried too. She might not be very good at using her creativity mind.
Hmm, let's see how she will perform when she has to start anew in the land down under in 2013. Their education system is totally different from ours!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Learning New Words

Mixing and playing with other children has its pros and cons. They sometimes picked up good and bad habit along the way. As for Ziyi, she learns new words almost everyday. She sometimes surprised me with her new vocabulary.

Lately she learned to say "Alamak" whenever she trips and fall. She could say it very naturally too! She amused me more when she said "No, thanks" whenever I offered her something that she doesn't fancy.

She would also say "Ai yo yo" if she thinks it's troublesome to do certain things.

Up to date, she has been learning mandarin for about 4 months. She is still struggling with her mandarin but her teacher mentioned that she's a quick learner and I shouldn't worry too much. I sometimes regret for not speaking to her in mandarin from young. Learning English language is much easier than Mandarin language. The only Mandarin words she has mastered is "Bu Yao" means don't want. I will try harder to speak to her in mandarin more often, though it can be very tiring sometimes, because I feel like I'm talking to the wall. LOL

Friday, March 23, 2012

You scratch my back, I scratch yours

One night Ziyi saw me scratching daddy's back, she immediately ran to me and lift up her shirt and asked me to scratch hers too! She was so cute. I remember there was once I asked her to help scratched mine and she answered me: Mummy, why you are the same like daddy. Always scratch one.....

I couldn't help laughing at her statement.

A Trip to the National Science Center

We are so bored with trips to the shopping malls on weekends, especially the crowds that really puts me off, and I think Ziyi is bored staying home too much also..LOL.

I suggested a trip to the National Science Center a few weekends back. I thought it would be fun for the lil one and it's cheap too! 

We left the house at about 10am for our brekkie at K3K Benta Kaya. To my surprise, this kopitiam was packed with people but their service was darn slow. We waited for more than an hour for our drinks and food to be served. 

While waiting for the food to be served....

Hubs' Assam Laksa. Quite good I would say, but I'm not a big fan of Assam Laksa.

My Steamed Lotus Rice. So, so..

Ziyi's kids meal

By the time we reached NSC, it was past noon. I think hubs paid RM12 for the tickets. 

I was quite impressed with the entrance!

Ziyi was extremely afraid of this skeleton model!

It was a fun trip for all of us, err, maybe not so much for me. I got bored with this place after 1/2 hour or so..muahahhhahaha...

Hubs' verdict of this place: Lousy...... but it's ok to cheat young kids, hehe. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ziyi's Drawing

This is the first drawing by my lil girl. I was surprised to see this. Her family is her very first drawing! Love it. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple Soup Recipe

I made apple soup for Ziyi today. Ziyi can be pretty fussy with liquids stuff, she's not too willing to try anything new in liquid form. Hence savory soup is the best bet because she will have no problem eating soupy rice.

This soup is good to soothe your lung especially when you are having a cough. A simple and easy recipe to share with you here.

Apple Soup (serves 4 person)

2 medium size red apple. Peeled and cored, then rub some salt to prevent oxidization.
1 piece of white fungus
A handful of bitter and sweet almonds
2 honey dates
4 red dates
5 dried figs
3L water
2-3 pieces pork ribs
Salt to taste

Dump all the ingredients above into a slow cooker and let it boil for 2.5 hours if you are using hot water, and 3.5 hours if you are using room temperature water.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Every Parent's Nightmare....Eczema!!

Yes, it is official. My nightmare is here. Ziyi's been diagnosed with eczema. She has dry patches on her arms, thighs, and tummy. These are controllable using Ezerra Cream. Unfortunately there are a few patches on her thigh which look quite serious. Her doctor prescribed Candacort (steroidal anti-fungal cream), Bactroban (antibiotic) and Ceradan (moisturizer). 

With this allergy, her cough and stuffy nose are not leaving her alone, just yet. 2nd generation anti-histamine was prescribed to ease her stuffy nose so that she could sleep better at night.

No known cause of her allergies for the time being but doctor suspected house dust mites to be the number 1 culprit. 

She has to use shower gel with a pH 5.5 and must be Sulphate free too. I've bought her Sukin brand Botanical Shower Gel to try and I hope it helps. I wonder if there's actually a cure for eczema??


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