Saturday, May 30, 2009

Laptop & handphone

i need a new laptop and a new handphone desperately!! the laptop i'm using currently belongs to my mom and it only has a memory of 256mb! can u imagine how slow it takes to load a window?? the message "Virtual Memory Is Low" always pop up at my desktop. it's either i upgrade the memory or get a new one.

next in my list would be my handphone, been using this pda phone for quite some time, around 2+ yrs i think. i've no complaints about my handphone, except for its talktime and standby time. it can only last me for 15mins of talktime with a fully charged battery! i'm now scouting for a new handphone and probably not a pda phone this time, and it shouldn't cost more than rm1000. i hv to make sure it's a handphone with long talktime and standby time. any suggestions what phone i should get?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

baby / nursing room

these pictures have been sitting in my laptop for quite some time and i've decided to post them now. when i was still breastfeeding baby, i had to go places where there are nursing rooms available. whenever i go to Subang Parade, i will use the baby room inside Parkson. about a month ago, i was at Subang Parade again to meet a client and i came across their baby room located at a corner of nowhere. to my surprise, the baby room here is spacious and clean. 

i'm sorry for the small pics here, it took so long to upload these photos!! as you can see, the baby room looks fresh and clean, but i find it too secluded and quiet, without any female security guard manning the place (unlike the baby room at the curve). 

anyhow, i still prefer the one inside parkson for safety reason. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

baby ziyi at 10.5 months old

at 10.5 months, my baby's development milestone is quite on track. she can:

say ma ma, pa pa, ta ta, da da, deh deh, mum mum, neh neh and.... her own name (ashley)... she sounded like "ash-ee"
stand unaided for 5 secs
walk few steps (aided)
give us things when we asked for it
has 2 teeth
good at chewing her food
refused to eat soft mushy food like porridge and cereal
imitate coughing, laughing and crying when we asked her to do it

there are many more, but so far these are what i can recall for now.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

homemade nugget

i read from this mummy's blog on how to make healthy homemade nugget for baby ziyi. it's also a great way to hide all the veggies your little ones refused to eat. i used broccoli, red capsicum and minced chicken thigh.

the nugget taste so good even without any seasoning. baby ziyi loves them too..yummy..

toothbrush for little ones

baby ziyi is definitely a late teether. at 10 1/2mths old she only has 1/4 tooth out. i bought her toothbrush from Pigeon. it comes in a pack of 3, meant for different stages. i've not started brushing her tiny tooth yet, coz i'm still using gauze to clean her mouth. once her tooth is fully out, i will have to start brushing it for her, hmm, wonder if i need to use toothpaste too??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i got bitten by the flu bug

it just came all of a sudden few days ago. My nose is runny, I keep sneezing all day and i've been coughing every night. i've taken some meds yet I am still feeling under the weather. today i've boiled some chinese herbs meant for treating cough and pleghm. i hope my cough will be better after drinking it. with this hot weather, we must drink more fluids and i've been downing lots of herbal tea and barley water to cool my body.


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