Friday, April 30, 2010

mummy & baby fell sick

ziyi was down with mild flu 2 days ago and i gave her Atarax medicine. gosh... it has become extremely difficult to feed her medicine. she either cry and push me away or she will spit the med out!

i caught the pesky bug too, i'm having sore-throat now. been popping down garlic pill and vitamin C, gargle with salt water and taking manuka honey umf 10+ too. i've been sneezing the whole of today, guess i'm going to have flu too :(

Monday, April 26, 2010

guess what happened to her....

It looks so painful......










she scratched her back and this careless mummy has forgotten to trim her long nails! When i came back from work, i was shocked to see her back looking all red with scratches. When i rubbed some calamine lotion on her back, she wailed... must be very painful for her.

What do you use when your child has cuts, scratches or bites? Oh, and bruises too... her legs were bruised due to knocks and bumps and i did not apply anything for her. now the bruises have faded but are still visible even after a month!

Monday, April 19, 2010

healthy granola bars

i've never like eating store-bought granola bars because i find them too sweet. i even find Quaker's Chewy Bars with 25% less sugar too sweet to my liking. i googled for the recipe and made my own. reduced the sugar and they turned out fantastic! i packed these bars into individual wrappers and brought them to the office for breakfast. the hubs love it too.

after chilling overnight, before cutting them up

i used almond flakes, sunflower seeds, multigrain blends, black sesame seeds, oats, pine nuts, cranberries, apricots, wheat germ, and wheat bran.

i still have alot more of the ingredients left, will definitely be making it again. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

modern "cane" or rotan

in asian cultures, caning children as a form of punishment and to instil discipline in them is common. my mom used to cane when i was young. the type of rotan she used was a long bamboo stick kind. this type of rotan will leave marks & scars on your skin for days! my mom told me i was very well-behaved until i was 3 years old. that was when she started caning me.

i bought a cane to discipline my girl too. but not the bamboo type, i saw this cane called "big hand" at one of the kiddie store near my house. it cost me RM9.90 for 1 big hand! apparently this type of cane will not leave visible scars but just some redness on your skin.

i showed it to ziyi the minute i entered the house and boy, was she afraid of it! she kept avoiding me and ran to her grandfather! funny.

i hope i won't need to use it on her but just to threaten her whenever she's up to some mischieve behaviour and not listening to me.

ziyi's 22mo speech development

no 2 words yet, definitely no sentences yet. but her vocabulary has improved at 22mo.

- baby
- cow
- pig
- corn
- door
- red
- green
- key
- ko ko
- jie jie
- mei mei
- aunty
- uncle
- di di
- ah poh
- kau fu
- yee yee
- ket (blanket)
- net (cabinet)
- cake

the hubs taught her how to pronounce all the alphabets from A-Z and i'd say she's doing pretty well.  oh, and she can also raise her thumb up when she says "good"! she used to raise her fore finger last time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

our saturday (10th Apr 2010)

started off the day with a visit to the wet market in kemuning to get all the ingredients needed to cook for ziyi. i pan-fried chicken patties with chopped broccoli and stir-fried minced pork with capsicum & french beans - all to be frozen for ziyi's whole week consumption. i spent the whole morning cutting, chopping, washing and cooking.

then i pan-fried some cheese sausages, spinach + cheese omelette and toasted some bread for our breakfast too.   later i cooked some noodle with leftover omelette from our breakfast & minced pork for ziyi's lunch. thank goodness she liked it! it was almost 3pm when i finished feeding her lunch & milk plus cleaning up the kitchen and i was dead tired!

i brought ziyi up to the room for her afternoon nap and this little rascal refused to sleep. played with her toys, read her books, disturbed daddy and mummy. i used the stick of a balloon to scare her, pretending to cane her, yet she wasn't afraid at all. i had to coax her to sleep coz we were going to bring her for a swim at our aunty's condo. an hour later, the hubs said we should leave now as we still have a birthday party to attend at 7pm! i dragged myself out of the bed and started packing their swimming stuff and we left at 4.30pm.

i thought ziyi would fall asleep the minute she's strapped in. i was wrong! she was still wide awake - from kemuning to the federal highway - and fell asleep when we were somewhere near sg. way. by the time we reached our destination, she woke up from her 40mins nap. as predicted, she was very grouchy and cranky. i changed her into a bikini (a gift from my cousin from the States) and she looked so cute. it was a tad loose for her eventhough the tag read 18M. see how skinny minnie my girl is.

we had a hard time getting her to sit in her float

she cried each time daddy carried her into the pool eventhough she loves water. my poor baby did not have enough of sleep. somehow, we managed to coax her by giving her a small cup to play with and they played in the pool for about 1/2 an hour. i was busy snapping their pics away.

she had another wailing session when daddy bathed her and resumed to her normal self after changing her. we headed to our friend's house at 7.30pm for his son's 1st birthday party. there were lots of good food - fried noodle, fried rice, curry fish head, rendang chicken, vegetables, butter prawns, and fried chicken. all home-cooked. his wife, a thai nationality, cooked some of their local food - tomyum noodle, thai salad, chicken feet soup (gross to me), and some other thai food which i wasn't sure of the name.

the hubs had a few beer and chatted with his friends while i was busy eating and feeding ziyi. :) we finally headed home at 10pm and ziyi dozed off in the car.

Pediasure - to give or not to give?

ziyi's been giving me problem again. she's not eating nor finishing her milk lately. she used to eat 1-2 chinese rice bowl of porridge for lunch & dinner, some biscuits/bread/cornflakes for breakfast and a total of 22-26oz of milk each day.

now she eats 1 rice bowl of porridge for the whole day, and 16oz milk only! i brought her to the paed's office to weigh her and she's only 10.75kg at 21mo. her weight has been stagnant since her last visit to the paed at 18mo. i'm very worried and i'm not sure if i should give her Pediasure. i've consulted her doc before (few months back) and she think ziyi's doing fine and it's up to me decide whether to give her Pediasure.

would Pediasure helps since she has no interest in drinking her milk now? or am i getting too paranoid? some said it's not the figure that matters, if she's growing healthily and active, she's fine. she indeed is very very active...hyper in fact!

look at my cili padi here, so skinny minnie. only her tummy is big 'n round.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

finally...a new laptop for me!

i'm so happy with my new laptop! after searching around (through web & stores) for almost 2 months, hubby finally bought me this. it's an Asus A42F series. initially i was eyeing on Dell, whereas hubby Acer until we read an article comparing the percentage of manufacture defects among the few famous laptop brands and Asus has the least complains from users on manufacture defects. the price is slightly more expensive than the other 2 brands but i quite like this design compared to Dell. i was using Acer previously and honestly, i didn't like it very much.

at first we wanted to pay by credit card so that we can use the 12mths interest free installment plan. later we found out that there's a one-time charge of 5% handling fee. That'd cost us an extra RM119.95. So hubby changed his mind and paid by cash instead and we managed to negotiate for a further discount of RM50. better deal isn't it? we saved a total of RM169.95.

this laptop comes with an original Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. it has so many new features and i'm still struggling to familiarise myself with it :)



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