Friday, May 28, 2010

for no reasons she laughed...

i must record this down now before i forget. ziyi stayed up quite late tonight, she slept at 11.35pm just now. earlier i went down to check on the cake i've just baked. when i came up to my room at around 11.15pm, i saw ziyi lying on her bed laughing to herself. i looked at hub and he was working on his laptop at that time. so it means no one was playing with her or made her laugh! she kept laughing and that lasted for a few minutes with no reasons at all! gosh...ain't that scary?? i wonder if this is normal....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ziyi's nightly routine

every night at around 8.15pm i will bring ziyi up the room to wash and change her. she will always call her daddy to come up with her. after changing her, she will pull the mattress out and ask daddy to place it against our bed so she can play "slide"! LOL....  she enjoys this activity every night before i make her milkie at around 9.30pm.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

daycare at 2year old?

i'm in the midst of scouting for a nursery cum daycare for my 2 year old girl. after calling up a few in my area, there are only 3 that take children her age. others will only accept 3 year old onwards and have to be toilet-trained. there's a principal of this kindy who was kind enough to advice me not to send her to nursery at this age as her immune system is not strong yet.

i really don't know, whether to send her or not to send. she's currently sitting at home all day, watching cartoons the minute she wakes up, and she's been refusing to eat her lunch too! this is what troubling me the most. at times she refuse milkie too.

some friends told me to 'tahan' and wait till she's 3, and some asked me to send asap. i'm quite keen to send her and hoping she will eat better once she attends nursery (peer pressure... haha). i'm still googling for the pros and cons from the experts websites. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

honey lemon drink

ziyi was a fully breastfed baby so water was not necessary until she started her solids at 5 month old. i've no problem feeding her plain water at all. she's just like me, loves drinking lots of plain water. when i gave her ribena at around 15mth, she refused any flavored drink. lately (at 22mths), she started to show interest in our "drinks" whenever we eat out.

i made honey lemon drink the other day and i had to coax her to drink it. after a few small sips, she started to like the taste and she drank 1/3 of it. here my girl is enjoying her drink and making the "aaahhhhh" sound :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

homemade hazelnut butter

i love eating nut butter. i find the ones selling in organic shops pretty expensive, so i decided to make my own. i bought a small packet of ground hazelnut to try. first i toasted it until lightly browned, added some black sesame seed and then blend it in the blender with added brown sugar/molasses, a pinch of salt, and organic sunflower oil (you can use whatever oil you have at home). lastly transfer into glass bottle and kept refrigerated to avoid the nut butter turning rancid.

her meal time routine

this is a typical scene during ziyi's meal time. whenever i'm home early from work & during weekends to feed ziyi her meal, i will need my laptop and external harddisk. This will ensure she sits still coz she hates to be strapped in her highchair.

I will usually show her video clips of herself playing at the playground, swimming, singing & dancing, and some of our outings with grandma. Once she gets bored with these video clips, i will have to switch to her fav Elmo or Barney cd. Ziyi can finish off 1.5 bowls of porridge most of the time, however there are times she refused eating and lift her hand up to block me from shoving the spoon into her mouth! There was one incident where i tried too hard to force the spoon into her mouth and she lost balance and fell with a loud thud on the cold hard tiles! I felt so bad after that... bad mummy :(

at times, she will be fed rice with some dishes and soup instead of her usual porridge


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