Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ziyi turns 2!!

we had an early birthday celebration for ziyi since her birthday falls on a weekday. it was just a small gathering with hubs side of family plus my cousin n her hubs. we'll do a 2nd celebration with my mom and grandma this coming weekend in seremban.

i cooked seafood olio, pizza and crock pot chicken wings while mil cooked acar and some ginger wine chicken. i ordered some sate and a barney jelly cake for ziyi, and since hubs b'day is only 2 days away from ziyi's, i bought hubs a cake too.

ziyi's fav character

food, food, food

chantilly pudding from RT Pastry... the cake was very good

barney jelly cake.
we didnt order from the infamous Qjelly but fr a lady in tmn desa old klg road. the jelly taste so so much better than Qjelly and the price was also so much cheaper.
thanks to my friend who recommended this to me.

surrounded with pressies from daddy, mummy, suk-suk(s), gu-gu, suk-meh, jie-jie, yi-yi, yi-cheong, kayla jie-jie, and angpows from ta-ta and ah-neh.

happy birthday sweetheart! we'll always love you very very much!
from daddy and mummy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ziyi's favorite fruits

...are citrus fruits. she's a big time fruits fan and i just realised most of the fruits she loves are citrus fruits like oranges, grapes and golden kiwifruit. i tried giving her cherry tomatoes and she likes them too. i hate eating raw tomatoes and vegetables but ziyi has started to like them.

besides citrus fruits, she also loves banana to bits. i won't give her fruits at every meal coz i'm worried she'll have phlegms. other fruits that i give her occasionally are watermelon, honeydew, pear, pineapple, and mango but these fruits are too "leung" or cooling and will cause phlegms too.

the safest thus far i think is apple. an apple a day keeps the doctors away.

a clean-freak baby

ziyi dislikes dirtiness....her eyesights are very sharp. if she spots any foreign objects, she'll be eeee-ing and yerrr-ing and she'll go like this "mama, mama, eeeeeeeee (pointing to whatever she spotted).. mak, mak (wipe in mandarin)"

i'm glad she was not a baby who would pick things up from the floor and put in her mouth. i believe most kids go through this phase but since she's one who's so afraid of touching anything that's dirty, she wouldn't dare to pick them up. i'm also training her to wash her hands with water and soap regularly. she's become like mummy, so particular and fussy when it comes to cleanliness :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

brazillian cheese bread

i made these recently and they turned out really good. love the cheese-rich taste and the light chewy texture. i added extra smoke-flavored cheddar slices for a stronger cheese flavor. i found the recipe here and they are very easy to make. oh, and i don't have any muffin trays at home so i made use of my egg tart moulds :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

city park in S2

when we were back in seremban in april, my mom brought us to a park in seremban 2. it's called city park and this place is huge and nice too. 

we went there after our early breakfast and brought baby for a stroll and also to play at the playground area. baby was ooh-ing and wah-ing when she saw the playground. hubs said he must bring his running shoes along the next time we go back..ahem, i doubt so.

exercise area

look at the bright red bunga raya

fish feeding pond

fishes here are big and well fed.

nice view :)

freezing baby's food

ever since baby started solids at 5months old, i've been cooking and freezing her food every weekend. i used to puree fruits, vegetables and even meat & fish and freeze them for 1 week. i bought this ice cube trays with cover from jusco. they are really useful and convenient. its capacity is bigger than normal ice cube tray.

i'm still using it to store and freeze her food up to now. since she's still eating her porridge, i just need to thaw and reheat 2 cubes of her food and pour into her porridge for 1 meal. 

stir fried diced potatoes, celery and minced pork.

home-cooked food

i made these few weekends ago. easy home-cooked food.

Shepherd's Pie

cooked minced beef with mix vege

topped with mashed potatoes 


i loaded the base with lotsa capsicum, sausages, tuna, pineapples, grated cheddar & mozarella.


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