Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my very first pair of ballerina flats

i was born with ugly looking feet. i have bunions on my feet since i was 5/6 years old, inherited from my mother's gene. i'm now so afraid ziyi would inherit this gene of mine!! 

i totally hate them as i can't wear closed toes shoes/heels. i had to giveaway my Ferragamo court shoes, Nine West boots, and many other closed toes heels i bought during my flying days. i always envy others who can wear pointed heels and ballerina flats. 

however, the other day when i went shopping in Mid Valley, i came across a pair of flats at Nose boutique and tried them. though i find it rather pricey, i nevertheless gave it a shot. in order to minimize the risk, i took 1 size bigger than my usual size.

to my surprise, i could wear them for at least 4 hours without any pain. quite comfy in fact. i need to hunt for more flats of this kind but it ain't easy to get one that suits my odd and ugly looking feet :(

reading her colors!

at almost 3 yrs old, ziyi can read all the basic colors. she must have learned this from her kindy. she could read:


i am so proud of her!

snow ice @ 100 yen shop

i brought ziyi to the 100 yen shop in our neighbourhood after picking her up from kindy as i needed to buy a few bottles of sesame dressing for our salads. when i stepped in, i saw quite a number of people enjoying their snow ice in this tiny shop. since i have not tried their snow ice before, i thought why not. so i ordered a mango flavored snow ice for us to share. 

she posed for mummy while waiting for her snow ice


melt in the mouth mango flavored snow ice

Friday, June 24, 2011

parent-teacher conference day

we attended ziyi's parent-teacher meet on a Saturday, 18/6/2011. this was our 1st parent-teacher meeting. it was kinda casual and a brief session. we reached her school at about 9.40pm and ziyi was quite unwilling to go to her school, thinking that she had to attend school on a Saturday! i told her that i was going to just talk to her teacher. she even reminded me again when she stepped down from the car.

we waited for about 20mins for our turn. her class teacher, Sara, showed us her workbooks. for her age, she does mainly coloring and tracing the dotted lines. then i was shown her 'report card'. she had both As and Bs, her Bs are mostly for creativity and arts skills. i noticed ziyi is not a person with much creativity though.

her teacher said ziyi knows her alphabets and numbers pretty well. she participates in the class activities, and she even likes singing and dancing. however, her teacher said ziyi can be quite stubborn at times. for instance, she wouldn't want to stand corner when she misbehaves and she sometimes refuse to apologize when she did something wrong. teacher also mentioned that ziyi is very talkative for her age. she talks to almost everyone, even to some of the 6 years old kids.

her 'report card'

father's day 2011

we did not celebrate father's day for the hubs this time. but we went for a family dinner with the inlaws on Saturday night. it was a nice dinner at Restaurant Yin Her @ Kg Baru Sg. Buloh. 

ziyi made a nice gift for daddy in school. it was a pen holder with a smiley face. 

i brought her to Sunday School in the morning. i helped her with making a heart shape father's day card for daddy too. after Sunday School we went for our breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. she had 2 fishballs, 1/2 a slice of toasted bread and we shared a cup of hot milo. she gave a thumbs up for the milo.

after brekkie, we went to Maxvalue for some grocery items and headed home right after that. for ziyi's lunch, i cooked her Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese. i added some chopped vegetable and a sausage too. she didn't quite like it though, i had to force feed her. sigh... she is a real "fan thong". i shall just stick to either rice or porridge in the future. 

then i made a potato salad for us. yummy!

hubs had chicken rice, McDonald's and potato salad for his Father's Day lunch. :)

daddy is being punished!

i overheard ziyi punishing her daddy one day...it was soooo funny! of late ziyi likes to pretend and act like a teacher, teaching us to read from her books and giving instructions too. when daddy pretended to read wrongly from her book, she punished daddy by saying: "you don't listen to me, i don't give you sticker book. daddy, you stand corner and put your hands up!"

daddy played along and he was quite obedient and did what she said.. lol..

Friday, June 17, 2011


this week ziyi's school is teaching the kids all about pet animals like puppies, rabbits, tortoise, fishes, etc. Yesterday when i picked her up from school, i saw a rabbit in a cage outside her school. the principal has loaned her daughter's rabbit for the school in kids to touch & feel the real thing.

ziyi was so excited to show me the rabbit and she was so brave! she touched and sayang the rabbit while her mummy just looked on and stood few feet away from the furry thing. i don't like animals and anything furry, except for soft toys!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

rash and allergy

ziyi has been developing rashes on her arms and body. i was not too sure what caused the rash but she's been scratching them like crazy everyday. i brought her to the paediatrician and her doc couldn't tell the exact cause of her rashes too. 

so she was prescribed with Ezerra cream and also Bactroban (antibiotic ointment) for those spots which are red. besides that i asked the doc to check on her earwaxes too. i dare not clean her ears myself so i guess using ear drops is the best option thus far. 

btw, she weighs 14kg & her height is 95cm when she was measured somewhere in May 2011.


we can't escape the fact that we speak Manglish (Malaysian English) in our daily conversation. now my little ziyi has made herself comfortable with using words like 'LAHs' and 'WANs'. 

her favourite lines are : 
Why like this wan lah? 
Don't want lah! 
My one
Your one

i'm trying my very best to speak proper English with her but i realised she learned most of her Manglish from others especially in school & other family members. i have even heard from a relative saying that she purposely send her kids to Cambridge English learning center to learn proper English to avoid her kids speaking with all the 'lahs and wans'. 

i hope ziyi would outgrow her Manglish once we make the big move to overseas one day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

of garlic, onions and ginger

i'm a big fan of garlic, be it raw or fried, and also fried shallots. i use plenty of these in my cooking and ziyi's food is not exempted too.

whenever i cook for her, i will chop lots of garlics to stir fry with her vegetables and i will cut up few slices of ginger and an onion to cook with her porridge. i love the aroma of the ginger and onions lingering in my kitchen. i've also tried "double-boiled free range chicken with lots of shallots" soup and it turned out really good.

i found some interesting facts from the www:

  • Garlic and onions are among the oldest cultivated food plants. Their culinary, medicinal and religious use dates back more than 6,000 years 
  • Crushed garlic can be used as a dressing for external wounds. It was used extensively in the Second World War for its antibiotic and antiseptic qualities. 
  • To freshen garlic breath: Swish mouth with lemon juice and then chew fresh parsley
  • There is an all-garlic restaurant in Stockholm where they offer a garlic cheesecake. 
  • All varieties of garlic--there are more than 450 --are members of the Lily family.


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