Sunday, February 20, 2011

ziyi at 2 year 7 months old

my little monster's hep A 2nd dose jab was due yesterday. we brought her to the paedic at Columbia Asia Hospital as her regular paedic clinic was closed.

she weighed 13.5kg and her height was 91cm. i think it was not very accurate as ziyi refused to stand still when her measurement was being taken by the nurse. however, doc said her weight is now at the 80% on the graph, which means she has put on a lot of weight since her last check up at 2 years old. i'm very pleased to hear that :)
i had to carry her when she was given the jab on her buttock and my tough cookie did not cry a wee bit. i immediately promised her a sundae cone from McD.

she's doing very well in kindy now and does not cry in the morning when i send her to the kindy. she can speak very well and likes to give commands too. for instance when daddy is using the phone while lying down on the bed: "daddy, don't lie down, eyes will spoil. must sit up". she has become our little mama now!

our little mama feeding her dolly milk-milk

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CNY 2011

2011 - Year of the Rabbit. ziyi is 2 years 7 months old this Chinese New Year. she played with pop pop for the very first time this year. i'm not too keen on her playing with these things but since almost every children her age and even some younger ones are also playing with it, i guess it's safe and alright for her to play with it once a year. 

we did not do anything much this year. we were in KL for our reunion dinner and only went back to Seremban on the 2nd day of CNY then back to KL on 4th day. 

ziyi's playing pop pop on CNY day 1. 
she's wearing her 1st cheongsam, her grandmother Loh bought for her.

ziyi's great grandma treated us to a sumptuous dinner at The Regent Restaurant in Seremban. 
our lou sang toss on CNY day 3

my bowl of sharks fin soup

our "lang pun" - chinese cold platter 

steamed "long dan" fish - estuary grouper

roasted duck meat

pan fried prawn in superior soy sauce

a thumbs up from ziyi!! 

home-cooked food

i will try to cook for ziyi every weekend ever since she started having her lunch and dinner at her kindy. she usually eats rice with chicken soup and vegetables, mostly carrots and potatoes at school. so most weekends i would cook fish and other greens for her. 

steamed brown rice

stir-fried spinach

scrambled egg with tomatoes

steamed fish

her portion for lunch

beetroot and abc soup

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a new paediatrician

there's a new Columbia Asia Hospital in our neighbourhood, Kota Kemuning. a friend recommended the paediatrician from this hospital to me lately and since ziyi was having fever so i thought of giving this doc a try. what i like about this hospital is the ample parking space and since it's new, everything is so clean and new. 

we were greeted by the friendly reception staff and i immediately registered ziyi to see Dr. Yong. actually i wanted her to see Dr. Cheah instead but it so happen that Dr. Cheah was not on duty at that time and i couldn't wait coz ziyi's fever was pretty high, at 39c. 

she's forever active, climbing up and down!

the waiting area

Dr. Yong gave her some stickers as she was unusually well-behaved and listened to doc's instructions! i was amazed as she used to cry whenever she saw her previous paediatrician, Dr. Vino.

waiting to collect the medicine at the pharmacy

reception counter

ziyi was prescribed with Augmentin (antibiotic) and Zyrtec for her runny nose. she was diagnosed with inflamed throat and enlarged tonsils, thus causing her to have high fever. 

fruits for ziyi

ziyi's on strawberries craze lately. when i saw the korean strawberry at my regular fruits store, i knew i must get it for her. the korean strawberry is very sweet and juicy. i always make sure that i either soak them in salt water or vinegar water to get rid of any pesticides. i'm not sure if it works but at least i feel it's safer to eat after soaking them. 

she pushed daddy's hand away when daddy's pretending to take the fruits from her

i added some blueberries too, they are very sweet and nice

a non-related pic:
 i bought this packet of sesame stick crackers from Empire Subang and this tastes great.
 it's good for me to snack on when i'm driving. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

potty training - update

i only started training ziyi when she was 2 yr 3 mo. it was not easy at all! she'd only sit on the potty for a few seconds and refused to pee in it. besides, i was not consistent in training her too, she only goes diaperless on weekends for about 2-3 hours each day. initially she'd wet her pants and cried!

lately i tried to be more consistent, like letting her wearing only her panties in the evening after i picked her up from her kindy and also on weekends when we are not going out. here's a summary on her potty training timeline:

2 yr 3 mo: 
mummy started potty training but was doing it inconsistently.

2 yr 6 mo: 
mummy getting a bit more serious on this and there's a little improvement. ziyi's willing to tell that she needs to go but still cry and refuse to pee in the potty. so mummy had to tell her to squat down and splash her down under with water, pretending to wash her up. this worked well with her so far.

another worry cropped up in my head: will i be having problem in getting her to sit on the potty since she is now used to squatting down??!!

2 yr 7 mo:
when she started her new kindy, i told the teachers that ziyi would be diaperless from the 2nd week onwards, and surprisingly, i received good feedbacks from the teachers. she pee-d on the adult potty and she has only wet her pants once! that's a big improvement for ziyi. i do not have any problems getting her to sit on the adult potty to pee (with the kiddy potty cover on top), and she will tell me each time she needs to go. hooray!

next challenge: getting ziyi to poo poo on the potty... *scratch head*


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