Monday, July 25, 2011

A little update on Ziyi

if you have been reading my blog, you will know that ziyi is such a clumsy little girl. i always wonder if she has abnormal bone structure that cause her to fall all the time or she's just mere clumsy. 

the other day she was walking up and down at the pathway outside our house. minutes later, she fell flat on the rough cement floor when she tried to run towards our neighbour's gate to see the dogs. when i picked her up i saw her right knee was bleeding and she told me it was painful. but she's such a brave girl, she did not even shed a tear. i rushed her into the house and quickly washed and cleaned her up, applied burnol antiseptic cream + cartoon images bandage. she walked really slow with the bandage on her knee and she said "i walk like a tortoise, mummy"... hahaha...still can joke about it.

the next morning when i dropped her off at her school, she ran to her group of friends at the field and i saw her lifting her skirt high to show off her cute bandage while telling everyone about her knee! 

Usually when I want to do some work on my laptop, I will have to keep her busy for that little while. Few days ago, I gave her an old diary book to scribble. I was surprised when I saw her writing these numbers on her own! She normally would ask us to draw dotted lines for her as a guide to write her numbers or ABCs but this time she wrote these 4 numbers on a piece of blank paper. Not bad for a 3yr 1 month old girl. 

She likes Starfall website but I will have to do the clicking for her all the time. For a person without much patience like me, I hate doing this for her. I tried very hard to teach her to use the mouse on her own instead. It took weeks for her to master this skill. But I can now leave the laptop and mouse to her though at times she still needs my help when she starts to loose concentration and becomes really impatient with it. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ziyi's 3rd Birthday

ziyi celebrated her 3rd birthday last month end. this year we did not throw a big party for Ziyi. mummy is too lazy to plan anything. we went back to Seremban for a small celebration with my mom and grandma.  we had high tea at The Royale Bintang Hotel but to be honest, the food there is not up to my expectation. well, we didn't have much choices as this is the "best" hotel available in Seremban. 

durian feast on the day of our arrival...yums!

ziyi likes them too

she has always been very obsessed with horses since young. so she specifically asked for a horse cake and so i ordered this jelly cake from the lady in Tmn Desa. RM60 for this jelly cake.

the excited birthday girl. we did the cake cutting at home.

she proudly asked for 3 candles and announced that she's 3 years old!

at the coffee house, she was busy running around, hugging pillars (another weird obsession) and kept saying she wanted to swim in the pool.

when we came back to KL, she had another round of candle blowing session, together with her dad.  that's because their birthdays are only 2 days apart. this time i baked some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache, topped with Dora edible images. 

Happy happy birthday to my darlings......Ziyi and Hubby!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Channel 618 on Astro

Eversince there's a new FOC baby program on channel 618 on Astro lately, ziyi has been watching it everyday. We did not subscribe to any paid cartoon channels for her so she can only watch NTV7 on weekends and also 618 daily. 

my FIL has taught her to change the channel herself. the number 618 is the last 3-digit of his car plate number. so whenever Ziyi wants to change the channel, she will take a peek at his car number and press the numbers on the remote control herself. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the tantrum of a 3 yrs old girl

i've been wanting to trim ziyi's hair lately and been telling her often about cutting her hair. till now she still refuse to get her hair trimmed. i don't know why she is so afraid of seeing hair all over her or the floor! 

last night when i mentioned about cutting her hair again, she threw a tantrum! she cried, screamed and pushed me non-stop. i tried to keep my cool and left her alone but she wanted the attention and kept following me with her screams and cries. after few minutes, i carried her and she stopped crying. i talked some sense into her head about her nasty behaviour and she immediately apologized to me. 

this morning when she gave me the same treatment again when i changed her into her uniform. she refused to remove her pyjamas and making all sorts of excuses. that got me very mad because i have to go through this ordeal every morning since months ago! i always have to coax her to change her pyjamas, drink her water after milk, take her vitamin and make her walk to the car. aaargghh.......i'm already so mad just by writing these down. 

is she trying to challenge my limit for a girl at her age? i really hope she will outgrow this nonsense soon!!!!


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