Monday, October 29, 2012

Physical Development

Ziyi was at the pediatrician last week and the nurse took her measurement. At 4 years 4 months old, her weight is 16 kg and 105 cm in height. My skinny monkey is always so skinny, even when she was a baby, there's not much chubbiness in her. 

I googled and found a chart suggested as below for a 4 year old:

4 years
33.3 - 39.1 pounds
32.2 - 38.5 pounds
39.2 - 41.5 inches
38.6 - 41.0 inches

After conversion, she's at 35.2 pounds and 41.3 inches. Average for her weight and tall for her height at her age. Now I just wish she'd grow a lil bit more fats in her body. So much cuter with those baby fats!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flaxseed oil for children

Recently Ziyi has started to like oatmilk more than her milk. When I was shopping for her oatmilk at BMS Organic shop, the shop assistant recommended me flaxseed oil for children. The kid's version is flavored with natural lemon. I ended up buying the package containing 1 tin of O'kid Oatmilk + 1 bottle of Flaxseed oil + 1 tumbler shaker. 

I don't quite like the idea of Ziyi consuming too much sugar as the oatmilk is sweetened naturally, so I'm giving her oatmilk + flaxseed oil in the morning, dutch lady school  packet milk in the evening (snacks at daycare) and Anmum formula milk at night.  

I did some research on flaxseed oil on the web. Adding Flaxseed oil to your child’s diet will:

· Enhance brain development.
· Increase learning.
· Increase reading shills.
· Enhance nerve development.
· Help prevent asthma.
· Reduce muscle inflammation.
· Reduce joint inflammation.

· Improve attention span.
· Increase calm behavior
· Enhance memory.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 years on..

My little girl is now 4 years 3 months old and I still miss her when I'm at work. I miss her scent, her laughter, her cries (though at times can be very irritating), her hugs and especially her wet kisses. I admit I can be very protective of her most of the time. I still remember her first year of life, I couldn't bear staying away from her. The very first time I had to be away for a business trip to Johor for a night was when she was around 3+ years old.

If I were to have a 2nd baby, I think I will have to be a stay at home mum and look after the lil one myself. I know of some parents who even leave their young babies to their carer (like parents in law or own parents) in their hometown and only visit once a week. I can't imagine myself seeing my baby only on weekends and not watching him/her growing up progress! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Little Vain Pot

For someone who likes Thomas & Friends and favorite color is BLUE, how vain can that person be? I was so wrong. Ziyi was once a big fan of the boyish Thomas & Friends toys, books & cartoon and likes everything in blue color. I was a little worried that she might grew up into a tomboy, but I can now leave all those worries behind.

She is so into PINK now, likes Dora The Explorer and Disney Princess too. She has yet to like Barbie Dolls. Sometimes when I dress her up, she will even choose her own clothes. She will tell me she wants to wear watch, necklace, hair clips, and bracelets because she wants to be so pretty. Whenever she sees me with my makeup brush, she will sweep that brush across her cheeks too.

I hope she will grow up into a fine young lady, and not be an Ah Lian....muahahahhaha!!!!

In loving memory of my beloved mom

Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 was the day my mom left us. 10 days before her 59th birthday she decided to leave us to be with Almighty God.

could feel as if my heart stopped beating when I received the call from the hospital on Mon 8th Oct. I was told my mom was unconscious and might leave anytime. 

We know this could be a better way for her that she did not have to suffer anymore and be relieved of all her sufferings to be with God. 

I will miss her very much and she will always be in our memories, forever and ever. I love you mom. 


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