Tuesday, August 24, 2010

waving her bye-bye to mummy

finally, ziyi has stopped crying in the morning when i drop her off in school. yesterday morning was the very first time she waved bye-bye to me. i was the one who felt sad instead.. hahaha... i hope she enjoys herself with all the activities along with her little friends.

on a side note, ziyi complained of having pain in her bum bum last night. upon checking her down under, i found out her anus area was inflammed. she refused to allow me touching her down under. i was worried sick, thinking whether it's just a common nappy rash or was it the abuse/sexual abuse by maid that has been regularly reported in the news. i  kept probing her but she is just too young to be able to tell what had happened in school. i sounded this to her teacher this morning but her reply was not satisfactory. looks like i will have to talk to her again this evening.

Monday, August 23, 2010

banana cupcakes

my baking mode has been switched to cooking mode lately. but last weekend i was into baking mode again. i followed a recipe for banana cupcakes.. shared by a very dear friend of mine. i was skeptical at first, because i had mistakenly added 6 tsp of baking soda instead of 3 tsp baking soda and 3 tsp baking powder! what a blunder i had made.. lucky the cake still turned out very good, it was moist and not overly sweet :)

makes 24, you may use muffin trays too (about 5-5.5 cm in diameter)

600gm mashed riped bananas - berangan is good, i kept it a bit chunky
450gm of plain flour - sifted together with 3tsp of baking powder + 3 tsp of bicarbonate
300 gm sugar (cut down fr original of 330gm)
recipe calls for castor, but i substituted with soft brown sugar.
360gm of butter
6 eggs, beaten lightly
7.5tbsp of regular milk
1.5-2 tsp of vanilla essence

cream butter and sugar till fluffy. add beaten eggs a little at a time and beat well after each addition.
add vanilla essence, milk and mashed bananas in.
fold in flour a bit at a time and blend well using a spatula (do not over beat).
pour mixture into muffin trays and bake in preheated oven at 170-180 C (depending on your oven) for 18-20 mins.
check with skewer.

before baking

yummy banana cupcakes!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

home-cooked food

at times i will cook this simple food for lunch on weekends. stir fried minced meat with sweet chai poh (radish) and sliced mushroom, fried shallots with extra oil and blanched vegetable. i used hing hua mee sua (my all time fav) to go with it. put a dash of thick soy sauce, pepper and light soy sauce on the plate before pouring the boiled noodle over. scoop a generous amount of fried shallots with the oil and mix well before adding the meat and vegetable. it's easy and taste good too. 

sexy bikini girl

ziyi received this pool (is it called ring pool?) from her piu yee on her 2nd birthday. we have not set it up for her to play yet as she has been falling ill frequently ever since she started her kindy. last week she has been well for a week and so we decided to let her play with water. hubby set the pool at our porch and she was the happiest kid on earth. her grandpa taught her to say "swimming pool" and she could pronounce it accurately. 

i left her to play in her pool with hubby keeping an eye on her while i went on to cook our lunch. the weather was just nice that day. she played for about 1.5 hours and still refused to come out. i had a hard time coaxing her. we'll try to let her play in the pool maybe once a month and hopefully there will be other little friends to come over and join her. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

cot convert into bed

notice the small white bed at the corner? we finally converted ziyi's baby cot into a single bed when she turns 25 mo. her little corner is surrounded with soft toys and small pillows. it's so cozy, i so wanted to sleep in with her but this girl refuse to sleep there every night. i will have to wait till she falls asleep on our bed before carrying her over to her bed.

breakfast muesli/cereals

last week i bought these breakfast cereals for myself. i'm a sucker for fresh milk and cereals every morning! however these 2 packs of cereals are a dissapointment to me. Pristine's yogood is supposed to be strawberry yogurt muesli but i can hardly find any dried strawberries in there. it's filled with mostly dried raisins thus making the whole thing so sweet.

when i was buying my baking ingredients at bake with yen, i came across this small pack of imported premium muesli and bought it to mix with the yogood muesli. another big dissapointment...it's just as sweet. guess i will have to stick to Post Select Cranberry Almond Crunch, which is my all time favorite.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

riding in her bike

we bought ziyi a motorised bike for her 2nd birthday. my friend Melanie helped us to get this from a warehouse sale for only rm50... it was a darn good offer. initially ziyi pushed the bike with her legs around the house and weeks later she learned to step on the accelerator. about 1 month later she mastered the skill to manoeuvre the bike on her own. she loves showing off her newly acquired skills to everyone at home, she never stop to make us laugh with her antics.

you can notice she's not looking in front when riding the bike, she wanted to make sure everyone was looking at her all the time..

p/s: i wanted to upload a video of her but the file is too large and i do not know how to resize a video clip. 

hep A jab at 25.5 months old

finally, we managed to find a suitable time to bring ziyi for her supposedly 2 years old jab. she's been falling ill frequently ever since attending kindy. last saturday we quickly sent her to her doc when she was well and active. as usual, it was a real struggle between the doc, me and my little monster. this time i made daddy carried her instead as she's so much stronger to rebel now. at 25.5 months old, she weighs a pathetic 11.6kg (average) and her height is 88cm (above average). nevertheless, i find her very heavy and my arms ache each time i carry her, even her grandpa complains too.  ohh, the jab cost us rm120.00. i wonder if it's going to cost the same if the jab was taken at a GP office instead. hmm...

1.5month in daycare

ziyi has been attending daycare since July 1st and she's been there for almost 1.5 months. the hubs used to send her every morning but lately she refused to follow daddy. haihh, i will have to send her every morning instead. she no longer cries when i drop her off but will still refuse to enter the kindy. this morning when teacher Diana was carrying her, i called out to her to tell her goodbye, her expression changed a bit. for a minute, i thought she was going to cry and miss mummy. oh boy was i so wrong! she pointed to the playground and told her teacher she wanted to go to the playground! haiya, i perasan pulak, she didn't even took a glimpse of me when i went off. she's grown a little more mature and i'm so proud of her now.

yoplait yogurt

I bought this big tub of yoplait mango flavor yogurt the other day. it has less sugar and no fat, as claimed. it tasted less sweet compared to other brands like nestle or dutch lady. the hubs who normally doesn't eat yogurt at all, loves this too! unfortunately my girl doesn't really eat this, she still prefers yoplait petit miam.

this big tub is retailed at rm19.90 for a tub of 1kg. will definitely buy this again.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

mummy, buy yogurt

I brought ziyi to Carrefour after picking her up from school yesterday. this little girl was busy pushing the wheeled basket for me. when I told her I was going to buy her yogurt, she immediately ran towards the chiller and grab a small tub of yoplait. she definitely knows the good stuff.

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