Monday, March 29, 2010

my "mang chang" handyplast

are all breastfed babies very attached to their mothers? ziyi wasn't like that until lately. she has been very attached to me for the past few days. she refused daddy carrying, feeding, and changing her. even holding her stuff is also forbidden. everything mummy has to do for her. haihh....where to find so much time to do everything?

she drove me up the wall last nite. first, i cooked her steamed egg with mushroom and brinjal, served with brown rice and ginseng soup. she didnt want to eat..kept spitting out her food. i tried giving her cerelac cereal later and she spitted too. so i let her be, didnt want to give her milk at all.

brought her upstairs to change her diaper. refused again! she is such an impatient, stubborn and determined child. she wanted me to play her barnyard blocks with her. when she couldn't unzip the bag to take her blocks out, she fussed, becoming very "mang chang".. that made my blood boiled again. i screamed at her and spanked her butt, like 3-4 times... real hard ones till it was all red. of course she wailed soo loud but i dont think it's because of the pain. coz she continued playing with her barnyard... see, how determined she is!

i was sitting behind her for few minutes, and started feeling guilty. so i told her "come, mummy sayang".. she came to hug and tap my back...aiyooo...that melted my heart even more. i was very very guilty for spanking her. *sob sob*

seriously i don't know how to handle her, especially when it comes to her temperament. it doesn't help when i myself is a very impatient and mang chang person.

she likes to sleep on the floor with her fav blankey nowadays.

it's getting difficult to tie or clip her hair now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

terrible two - my nightmare!

ziyi was extremely difficult to handle last night. first, she wanted to walk up the stairs by herself, then walked down on her own too. fine! i entertained her for a while. then i told her "Enough!" coz i don't have whole night to entertain her nonsense.

i brought her into my room and she started crying "waaaaaaahhh"... non-stop! i offered her toys, books, and whatnots but she still won't stop crying. she finally cried until she threw up! brought her into the bathroom to bathe her and she wailed again after stripping her ... i was so mad at that time and almost wanted to lock her inside the bathroom but did not coz i worried she might fall down on the slippery bathroom tiles. then daddy came to carry her and brought her out of the room, attended to all her whims and fancies!

no amount of coaxing could make her go into the bathroom with me and so i was left with no choice but to ask mil to bathe her. this little rascal didn't want me to bathe her, clothe or touch her! are smart, they knew they have "khau san" (someone they can rely on)!

i really cannot stand her nonsense and i definitely do not have the patience with kids. if i were to be a kindy teacher, i think i'd have strangled all the kids there.

i dare say ziyi is really spoiled to the max! PIL & hubby will make sure all her whims and fancies are met. i'm always the bad guy...hehehee.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ingredient substitution & conversion

i was searching for some recipes from the internet the other day and realised most of the recipes measurements are in cups, sticks, and ounces. for an amateur baker like me, i've always been following recipes with millimeters and grams in measurements. i chanced upon this website which i find it very useful for substitutions and conversions of wet & dry ingredients.

Friday, March 5, 2010

home-baked with love...:)

i managed to salvage some photos of my cookies!! yay!

Pineapple rolls

Macadamia nuts choc chips cookies

German crunch cookies

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my 2010 cny cookies

i've been meaning to post this up during cny, but i was soo bz... naahhh...actually i was ermm... lazy. :D
well, i made 3 types of cookies during cny this year. 1st was the macadamia nut choc chips, then pineapple rolls and also german crunch cookies. sorry, no pics to post here since i've lost all my data :(

the choc chips cookies were pretty good, and i've friends asking me to sell them! i managed to sell 12 tubs, 2 for own consumption and 3 for giveaway.

wanted to sell pineapple rolls too but after making 2 batches, i realised i couldnt manage because it was very time consuming since i do not have a maid to help out and i have a toddler to attend to. ended up keeping few tubs for own consumption and gaveaway 3 small tubs too.

last was the german crunch cookies. one of the easiest. made only 3 tubs. gaveaway 2 of them.

anyway, i'm jotting this down for my own records. oh... i may be able to retrieve some of the photos i posted on FB. will try to do so when i have a chance to get my hands on hubs notebook.

Monday, March 1, 2010

All my precious photos are gone!

i've been very busy before n during cny this year, did not have the time to update my blog for quite a while. when i finally found the time for it, my laptop "khong"! DIED!!!! so soooo sad... all the photos and videos of my precious baby are gone too! *sob sob*.......

i'm finding ways to recover the data fr my hard disk and found out that'd cost a bomb! i think they charge per megabyte. lucky i did backup some of baby's photos during her 1st year. i lost all the recent months photos including our trip to genting highlands, cny with family n friends, etc etc...:(((((

i feel so 'cacated' without my laptop now. i'm currently using office's computer but how much can you do in the office right and we are not allowed to access FB at all. been surveying for the latest laptop model and i do not want to spend so much on a laptop, probably around the budget of RM2k.

lesson learnt here: always always do backup your data/important documents in other sources ie; external hard disk, thumb drive, online storage, etc.


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