Sunday, January 17, 2010

home-cooked food

i cooked all these when PIL were away over one of the long weekends. i had the whole kitchen to myself!! so happy.... :D hubs enjoyed eating them and so did baby :)

A) hinghua meesua with lots of shallots oil, choy sum & homemade fish paste.

B) homemade fish cake.

C) pan fried beef patty marinated with salt, cracked pepper & minced coriander

D) stir fried yellow capsicum + onions + white button mushroom

C + D + fried eggs + cheese + mayo = yummy homemade burger!
(no pics...forgot to snap them)

E) red bean soup with tong yuen.

F) fried brown rice vermicelli with lots of shallots, silver anchovies, shredded dried squid, cabbage & eggs.

baby ziyi's vaccination @ 18mo

ziyi had her DTP booster vaccination in January 2010 at her usual paed. she is still so afraid of the doctor and wont let her dr to even touch her. it's always a struggle for me to keep her still. the jab must be quite painful as her the jab spot was a little swollen.

for the record, ziyi's weight is now 10.2 kg (average weight) and her height is 83.5 cm, slightly above average.

new year eve bake - marble cake

After 2 times of baking butter cake with a not so satisfied result (1st too dense, 2nd time too dry, haiz), i made a 3rd attempt this time and i’m very very pleased with the result. even the marble cake swirls nicely this time. :)

Found the recipe from here. She has very good recipes and i will definitely refer to her blog again next time.

I took a small portion of the batter to mix with cocoa powder. In order to make it swirls nicely, you just have to scoop a spoonful of the chocolate mixture into the baking tray followed by the plain one on top, repeating the process layer by layer. No stirring is required.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A to Z

my little girl has learned to recognize alphabets at the age of 18months. well, for the record, i’m not the kind of mothers who have all the patience to teach and guide their children everyday. I will usually “dump” her inside the cot with a few books of her choice to keep her still for a while, as if she knows how to read eh... However, this girl can never lie still when drinking her milkie. All i have to do is to show her some flash cards to keep her entertained. i show her ABCs flash cards each time she drinks her milkie. And my “hard work” and patience paid off .... :)

Besides recognizing A-Z, she can also remember some of these....

Mummy: ziyi, tell mummy, A is for?

Ziyi: Ball.... (although she can say apple & ant, i do not know why she always says ball each time i ask her what A is for...)

Mummy: no, A for apple. B for?

Ziyi: Ball
Mummy: clever girl....C for?

Ziyi: meowww..... (cat)

Mummy: clever girl.... D for?

Ziyi: wou wou (dog’s barking)

Mummy: clever girl

so far she only knows till D.... the rest i think she may know but can’t pronounce them yet. Will need more patience to continue teaching her.. and of course, daddy too contributed.

on a side note, ziyi likes to pretend talking on the phone like us. she will take our hp or the house phone, and will start saying "halow, ta-ta.....ah...har...ah..." (ta-ta is her grandfather). she makes everyone laugh each time she does


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