Tuesday, January 25, 2011

another injury!!

it was almost lunch hour when my phone rang. the caller ID showed it was Ziyi's school principal, Jeslyn. i am always very afraid of receiving calls from her caretaker/teacher, worrying if something might have happened to her. 

i got a rude shock when i answered the call. Jeslyn told me ziyi had an injury in school! she was walking from her seat to the front of the class and suddenly she lost balance and fell! she knocked herself on the edge of the table and she got a cut on her eyelid. obviously, along with the cut was a bruised eye too! she did cry for a while but was back to her active self again. 

i immediately called my father in law to go to the kindy to check on her. ziyi was alright at that time and they took her home to rest. thank God the inside of her eyes was not injured. to play safe, i brought her to the paediatrician the next morning and she was prescribed with an antibiotic ointment to prevent further infection. her doctor wanted to prescribe her with oral antibiotic too but i declined. i don't think she needed it since it was just external injury and i am not too keen on her taking so much oral antibiotics. 

ziyi has always been very clumsy. what's more with her hyperactive character and behavior. she hurt herself always everyday eversince she was a baby when she first learned to crawl and sit. 

on a side note, i caught her reading her book this way! so "tahn"!! 
oh my....i wonder where did she learn this from. sucha bad bad habit. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

my metabolic age & fatty me!

i have high metabolism rate as i feel hungry after 1-2 hours after a full meal. 3 weeks ago, i went to check my BMI and found out that i am underweight (my ideal weight would be 53 kg for my height of 157cm). bummer! i would be so fat if i were at that weight! 

my metabolic age is 23 yrs old! hah..that explains why i am always feeling hungry. when i was breastfeeding ziyi, my weight dropped to 42 kg when she was 4 months old, compared to my pre-pregnancy weight at 45 kg. sadly, after i stopped breastfeeding when she was 8.5 months old and once she turned 1 yr old, my weight shot up to my current weight at 46.3 kg. gosh, i blamed this on hub, since he is a food lover (so am i) and we really love to indulge in all our favorite food without thinking twice on the calories and fats! 

i am trying to control my diet once in a while, hoping to lose 2 kgs. fingers and toes crossed!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

no more home-cooked dinner

few weeks ago my mil told us that she's not going to cook dinner anymore and will cater for food instead. sigh, headache for me now. i tried the catered food and honestly, the food is not very nice tasting. although it's less in salt, msg and oil but the way they cooked the food was really not nice.

i have to start browsing the web for simple home-cooked food recipes or even buy some recipe books from the bookstores. i think food that can be roasted or baked would be ideal. i'm so glad that ziyi is now eating her dinner in the kindy, otherwise more headache for me especially for a fussy eater like her.

Monday, January 10, 2011

my little vain pot

ziyi saw me trying out my 2 pairs of new heels few weeks back and she immediately grabbed them from me, claiming it's hers!! "mommy, it's mine! no, it's mine!!"

she wore the heels and tried to walk in them! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

let's meet Dora The Explorer with other little fans!

ziyi has been a Dora The Explorer's fan ever since i bought her Dora's DVD to watch. when i saw the advert on the newspapers stating that Dora will be making an appearance at Metrojaya, i knew i had to bring her to meet her idol. 

we braved through the massive traffic jam near Mid Valley and headed right to the Premier carpark at The Gardens without a second thought. 

still very very fascinated with water fountains!

and horses too!! she MUST sit on the horse whenever she sees one. but this is just a decoration my dear ziyi, but she didn't care and insisted on sitting on it!! 

haha, surprisingly she was not afraid of this.

kayla and ziyi at metrojaya, while waiting for Dora to arrive. look-alike? 

she kept standing next to Dora and the personnel there had to chase her away...muahahahaaa!!! 
apparently you will have to purchase RM50 worth of Dora's merchandise in order to be entitled for a photo taking session with Dora! 

kena chased again

'hug Dora'... i thought she'd freaked out when she saw the giant version of Dora, hahahhaa!!

both the girls really heart Dora and they did not cry at all! good girls! 

Boxing Day 2010 cum recce trip to Thistle, Port Dickson

i have not been to PD for ages! we decided to make a day trip down to PD the day after Christmas together with my mom and her maid. we drove to the town area for a quick breakfast before heading to Thistle PD Resort. 

the main pool area

children pool with a slide. ziyi's favorite spot!

she ran towards the beach

strolling with their shoes on 

she freaked out when daddy first put her near the sea water with her shoes off!

after warming up, she refused to leave

oh, since my birthday is 3 days after X'mas, we had an early celebration at the coffee house, my mom's treat.. by the way, the service at the coffee house was very poor for a 5-star resort standard and the cakes we ordered were not nice at all :(

we quite like this resort and we have decided to plan for a short holiday trip at Thistle PD. oh, try not to go during public holidays or festive seasons as we were stucked in the traffic for more than 1 hour and it took us almost 2 hours to reach Seremban! 

Thistle PD Resort!!! we will be back!


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