Friday, July 30, 2010

mummy take you....

ziyi loves going to the nursery but she will miss mummy badly. lately she's been saying "mummy take you", "mummy go back", "mummy pick up" and "mummy 5.30 coming"...  she's saying these few sentences almost everyday and night. i guess this gives her the reassurance that mummy will always come to pick her up after work.

those are the things teacher tells her everyday when she cries and asks for me. she's just repeating what teacher said to her "mummy will come and take you"... hence, "mummy take you".. hahaha..... i tried to correct her "mummy take me" but she still likes to say mummy take you. LOL.

this morning was "mummy 5.30 coming" non-stop! every morning when either me or the hubs send her, she will be crying and repeating those sentences. so kesian.

Monday, July 26, 2010

day 14 at daycare

ever since ziyi started daycare on the 1st of July, she has fallen ill twice and was absent for 4 days. when she had fever, she stayed at home for 3 days, and later she was down with flu and cough, i let her stayed home for another day. today (26th july) marked her 14th day at the daycare.

i made daddy sent her to the nursery last week, she did quite ok, cried lesser compared to me sending her there. but this morning i decided to send her myself because i wanted to talk to her teacher on some stuff. surprisingly, she was excited to leave the house with me and she even let teacher Tan hold her hand. however, when she saw me still standing at the main entrance, she started wailing..sigh..i should have left immediately after leaving her there.

i was even more surprised that she did not cry when i picked her up in the evening. this is a very big achievement for my little girl. she's getting used to the separation issue now. a big big milestone i would say.  i hope she'll do even better tomorrow.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

pumpkin cake

this is a soft and moist cake which i purposely made for ziyi, unfortunately, she doesn't really like it :( 
nonetheless, the rest of us whacked it. well, this post has been sitting in my draft for too long that i forgot where i got the recipe from and i lost the copy of my recipe too....hehehe.... that's me..always procrastinate and dilly dally in doing anything and everything! 

ziyi's "first aid kit"

i bought these few emergency items for ziyi over the past 2 years. these are really useful for infants/toddlers.

- aloe vera gel for soothing and healing of minor wounds
- lucas paw paw ointment (fruits enzyme) for healing minor cuts and wounds
- a bruzzy gel for healing of bruises
- zam-buk for insect/mozzie bites
- oilatum cream for dry skin
- vicks vaporub for relieve of cold/flu
- calamine lotion for rashes/insect bites
- fucidin for slightly more serious rashes
- moz bite for insect/mozzie bites
- not in picture are handyplast, eucalyptus oil, and yu yi oil.


i bought these fruits over the weekend. whenever choosing fruits i will have to consider if ziyi will like eating them. i make sure she eats fruits everyday, once a day. too much will cause cough/phlegm. so i reckon once a day is good enough coupled with lots of vegetables.

this weekend i bought:
 honeydew, red dragonfruit (3 for RM10), banana, sweet plums (in season now, RM15 for about 10pcs), and golden kiwifruit (5 for RM8.59)

ziyi loves all the fruits here :))

jun ging powder from eu yan sang

i was never a believer in traditional / chinese medications.. but i ended up buying a box of jun ging powder from eu yan sang on Friday. i'll tell you why and what this powder is all about??

lately ziyi has been very restless, bad tempered and did not sleep well especially at night. it's very stressful for me to be awake middle of the night, to be awake early to go to work, and also attending to all her whims and fancies after office hours!  this has deprived me from my sleep too! her terrible two behaviors are contributing to all these stresses too! 

so a friend recommended me bo ying compound initially, saying there's no harm trying since she too give it to both her children occasionally. since i was so desperate for a solution, i went to eu yan sang immediately on Friday. the lady recommended me jun ging powder instead because this is more suitable for children crying at night. retailed at RM20 for a box of 500mg x 6 tubes, i am supposed to administer her with 2 tubes a day, for 2 days. results??

call it miracle or what... but she slept so soundly throughout the night after taking only 1 tube. i was thinking is this sleeping pill or what? apparently this is supposed to calm her with some anti-stress herbal compound. so she had her first tube on Friday night and i will continue giving her until Sunday. 

of course, i had difficulty feeding her the bitter chinese med, and she spit most of it out. i now use a syringe to feed her, so much easier. and to reward her, i always give her some raisins to make her happy :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1st day in daycare/nursery (1st July '10)

after much consideration, we've decided to send ziyi to the daycare behind our house. hubby likes this place because of the distance and the cost (cheaper than others) of coz, and me, i like it because there are only 11 kids in the morning and 3 in the afternoon session. besides, the place is clean too.

we intend to let her try it out and stay with this kindy till she's 3 years old before we switch her to a better kindy next time. hubby and i took a day off to send our princess to kindy on the 1st July. she refused to sit on the chair and clinging onto me all the time. later we decided to leave her there for an hour or so for our brekkie and rushed to the bank to collect my car registration card. while i was at the bank, my phone rang and it was the principal who called, asking me to come back earlier to stay with her coz she was crying and looking for us. she only cried when she saw other children crying or screaming, otherwise she's quite alright.

upon seeing mummy at the kindy's entrance, she wailed even louder, calling out to me!! i carried her from the teacher immediately and she settled down after 10mins. i was told she refused to drink her milk when i was not there.

hmm....looks like she's going to take a long time to adapt to this new environment and new carer.

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falling sick after attending daycare

we went to KK Mayflower Seafood Restaurant for a dinner celebration for FIL's birthday. when we went home for the cake cutting session, ziyi's body temperature was a tad warm. her temp was 37.5c. i immediately administer her with paracetamol. i guess she must have caught the bug from her kindy since there are a few other kids who fell sick too. this means she fell sick after 7 days at the kindy!

brought her to paed the next morning. her fever was caused by throat infection. we were given antibiotic (3-days course), paracetamol and a flu/cough med. i bought 2 suppository for standby too. all this cost us RM90.00... that's blardy expensive.

- Sunday (11/7/10): flu was quite bad, body temp hit 39.3c. easy to administer med. refused milk and porridge though.

- Monday: body still quite hot, and temper was very bad and difficult to control her. refused med, she bit the syringe and one of her tooth bled...damn garang girl. her throat hurts badly, refused milk, water, porridge. had bits of white bread only. this hyperactive girl refused to nap too. she was awake from 7am - 5pm before she knocked off for a cat nap.

- Tuesday: fever subsided, but still refused milk and water. i finally managed to force feed her with 1 small bowl of plain porridge during dinner.

- Wednesday: totally recovered except still have minor flu. behaviour and temper was still unacceptable! extremely cranky and fussy! she's driving everyone up the wall!!!!!

ziyi's 4th day in daycare (6th July '10)

she's been having nightmare since attending daycare without me accompanying her. she's restless and kept waking up calling "mummy" and at times (in the middle of the night) she'll climb all over me asking me to carry her "mummy...pao...go..."  my poor little darling...

this morning when i sent her to the daycare, she cried the minute my car stopped in front of her daycare. later when teacher Diana tried to carry her from me, she held on to me soooo tight! i kept telling her i had to go to work, and will come back to pick her up and bring her to jusco to play with kayla jie-jie tonight. she understood me and replied "sit horse".

her fear of separating with mummy is so great and today is friday... next monday is going to be worse..


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