Monday, October 26, 2009

playgroup at kizsports & gym 1utama

we signed ziyi up for a free trial at kizsports & gym 1utama last sunday. it was a program called LittleWalker (LW), lasted 1 hour. it was recommended for kids from 13 months to 24months old. there were around 6-8 kids in our class and all of them were girls, except for 1 boy!
the program consists of warm up activities, sing-along session (more of act along), obstacle-course and free-play to raise a child's self-awareness and develop co-ordinated body movements. after the warming up there was sing-along session, but my sweetiepie wasn't interested at all, she was so attracted to the "equipments" in the class, couldn't wait to run and climb everywhere!

poor ziyi, she fell and hit the metal part while daddy was jumping with her on the trampoline :( the back of her head was swollen but lucky it subsided few hours later.

ziyi was super tired after that, she konked out in the car and continued sleeping when we reached home. good exercise for her!

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