Monday, November 30, 2009

baked cheesy cheese log

i always browse the internet for recipes when i need more ideas to cook for my baby. 2 weeks ago, i baked “cheesy cheese log” for her. I had no idea what was that but since the recipes looks really easy and simple, i gave it a shot.

i got the recipes from here and the best part is i can freeze them for future use. It only took me about 40mins to prepare, bake and wash up. easy-peasy.

the texture was somewhat like a biscuit, but harder and a tad too dry to my liking. baby doesnt really like it either..but she still eats them since she prefer finger food. to reheat, i steam it to make it slightly softer.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

grocery shopping for ziyi

bought these items for ziyi:

organic brown rice vermicelli - i cook her vermicelli soup on weekends
ingredients: brown rice, sago
- no preservatives & coloring
- nutritious & high fiber

heinz muesli & apple - for weekends consumption when i'm too lazy to cook for her. sometimes i will mix the muesli with yogurt for her
- iron-enriched
- good source of iron
- no added colors or flavors
- no preservatives
- egg free

pepperidge farm goldfish - snacks for ziyi
- baked snack crackers
- baked with real cheese
- natural, no artificial preservatives
- 0g trans fat

wall stickers

wall stickers are becoming more and more popular these days. they are affordable, easy, movable and stylish. you can express your creativity to transform any smooth surface into an artistic expression you can call your own. the stickers are self adhesive and applicable on all wall coverings, including ingrain wallpaper, doors, windows, floors, glass, mirrors, furniture, and more. 

i bought 2 different designs and hubs has put 1 for me on top of my bed. it was very easy to apply. i chose a kid's design for my room, coz i like the monkey very much. (",)

my handyman at work


trimming ziyi's hair

Trimming ziyi’s hair was really a challenge for us. Yesterday I put her seated in the bathroom with her clothes off and quickly trimmed her fringe coz twas poking her eyes but this little girl freaked out when she saw hair on her lap and tummy! She cried but i tried to ignore her and quickly continue trimming it. This time she was sooooooo scared, she shivered when she saw more hair on her lap.... hahahhahaaaaa!

I quickly called hubs to come to her rescue. Daddy carried her and i tried to trim her hair but she refused to lift her head up. So i decided to stop trimming her hair and bathe her but this time she refused to stay in the bathroom either. Haiz..... i let her played with her toys in my room for a while, hoping she will forget the incident. From then onwards, she didn’t allow me to hold her comb nor scissors! LOL.... how to bring her to the hair salon for a nice hair cut, u tell me....

Now her fringe is not nice and not straight! Looks like kena bitten by rats!

action rhymes

Lately i bought ziyi a nursery rhymes book at Pearson’s warehouse sales. I like reading Pat-a-cake rhymes to her, and performing the actions according to the guide from the book and she has started to imitate my actions too. Now i will do the reading and she will do the actions all by herself.

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake
Bakers man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Roll it and pat it and mark it with “B”
And put it in the oven for baby and me

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Speech development @ 16mo

These are the words my little girl can say at this age (which i can think of):

Ah neh
Ao-pa (aeroplane)
Ah-ney (honey)
Ay (hay)
Bult (belt)
Bar (bra)
Bah (bear)
Ba-bay (bye-bye)
Bop (baby bop)
Oold (hold)
Ahhg (hug)
Na-na (banana)
Nen-nen (milk)
Pah (scared in chinese)
Pak (open in chinese)
tsss (please)
Thans (thanks)
Take (her all-time favorite word)

And some of her own language which none of us can understand – nyo nyo nyo & klik klok klik klok! Lol...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mum's birthday

*this is a back-dated post*

mum’s birthday fell on a weekday, so we had an early celebration for her on a Saturday. It was just a simple dinner with family friends & relatives. we drove back to seremban on Saturday afternoon and went off to tampin in the evening to meet my uncle’s family for dinner.

we had dinner at Kam Yin Poh restaurant in Taman Indah, Tampin. the food was good and the bill only came up to rm140+ for 11 adults! pretty cheap eh...

i wanna go out ma-ma!

dad-dy start the car, lets go!

i'm sooo hungry i can eat the table cloth

then came the cake cutting celebration! I made this cake myself; it was a non-baked chilled lemon cheesecake. tadaa....
Warning: the cake may look ugly, but it tasted very good!

Happy birthday to you again, mum!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

clumsy ziyi

at 16mo, ziyi is still very clumsy although she started walking unaided when she was 12mo. she always likes to “run” and bang onto everything, knocking everywhere and always fall and hit her head on the cold hard tiled floor.

lately, she has learned to say the word “knock” and i like her slang :) she will touch her body part which got knocked, and tell everyone at home “knock, knock” to make sure someone would attend to her. She just want to manja eventhough she hit the table/wall slightly. cheeky little girl.


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