Tuesday, January 6, 2009

is this a good time?

hubby told me he has made up his mind to come back for good in june 09. i'm thrilled of course! but then again, i asked myself is this a good time?

with the current economic turmoil everyone is worried they will get laid off and try very hard to hold on to their jobs. yet hubby is going to tender his resignation?? should i still be thrilled???

hmm... i asked myself again, if this is not the time, when is a good time? after all he has been working in viet for 2.5 years and by june it will hit 3 years. it's long enough to be separated from his loved ones (me, of course and now ziyi, our new addition!) for 3 years!!

this is so exciting!! im going to have my hubby back! yay.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

seafood dinner

we went for a seafood dinner last night at telok gong. i've been there once, few years back. it wasn't hard to find the place at all. the journey took us probably half hour to reach our destination. we saw 2 restaurants - kedai makanan laut telok gong & coconut flower restaurant. and we ended up in telok gong restaurant.

we had salted egg crabs (my fav!!), kam heong clams, kung po mantis prawn, fried calamari and a stir fry brussels sprouts. the food wasn't too bad, however i still prefer the seafood restaurant at kayu ara :)

it was a treat by my sis in law. all of us enjoyed the food and ziyi was enjoying herself in her carrier too...hehe...

the restaurant we went to

ziyi in the carrier

poor baby ziyi, she's constipated

it's been a week since ziyi last poop-ed. she has been trying hard to poo yesterday but to no avail. i've to stop giving her rice cereal and feed her with just sweet potato, pumpkin and papaya for few days. since it was her first try on papaya puree, she was not accepting the taste well. in fact, i find it yucky too when i blended the fruit.. hehe .... these are her reactions...

luckily, when i fed her the papaya puree today (her 2nd try) she starts to like it.
i did some research on the internet and found tht there are a few home remedies for constipated babies:

1. avoid BRAT - Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast

2. increase water intake, preferably warm water or feed them with diluted prune or apple juice (1 part juice, 1 part water)

3. bicycle excercise - with baby lying on their back, lift their legs with knees bent and make a cycling motion in the air

4. massage their tummy in a clockwise direction

i've done all the above mentioned methods today, i even fed ziyi with barley water. i hope to see improvements very very soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

she has a new highchair - part 2

ziyi had a little cereal mixed with few spoons of sweet potato puree and she loves it... i pureed the yellow version of sweet potato for her, somehow the puree turned out to be a little darker than its original color, and that reminds me of Durian... hmm, yum yum... i've not been eating durian since i was pregnant!

erm...this pic is a little off topic here..heheehe..
but looking at this pic is enough to make me drool

well today is the 2nd day im feeding her sweet potato, 3 more days to go and i can proceed with another new food for her. okay, here are the photos i captured when she was seated comfortably in her highchair...

she has a new highchair

finally...i bought ziyi a new highchair from jusco. it was michelle and vincent who helped me get and fixed it today. i wanted the beige color one but unfortunately it's out of stock and i'm left with only 1 option, which is the blue ones. it looks boyish, but wht the heck...it's just a highchair.

ziyi will get to sit on her brand new chair for dinner tonight..

so what's for her dinner tonight? hmm.... it's going to be sweet potato puree...again... but this time i'm going to mix it into her rice cereal. this is going to be a new taste for her, wonder if she will like it.

will update on her reaction later, with some pics hopefully.

my first attempt

it took me quite some time to decide to create a blog and i finally did, on the very 1st day of 2009! well, this is going to be a test page. will post more once i get familiarized with it. :)

happy new year everyone!!


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