Thursday, September 30, 2010

she and her swimming pool

she asks for her swimming pool everyday! this is what she'll do every night when i bring her up to the room. 

pretending to swim

she even took her blanket and sleep in it!! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

potty training ziyi

everyone told me to train ziyi to do her business every morning when she was 2 months old. being a fully breastfed baby, she had infrequent timing for her to do her big business. at times she only poo once a week, once every 3 days, etc...therefore i thought it would be difficult to potty train her at that time.

i am thinking of potty training her now since she's already 27 months old. i have tried asking her to sit on her potty but this girl sit and stand up within seconds. she just refused to pee in the potty. there were a few times when she pee-d in the bathroom while bathing her. sensing something flowing down from her down under, she was so terrified and climbed all over me. haihhh.... how to potty train her leh....

i tried explaining to her, bought her the Elmo's Potty Time VCD, and i even show her how mummy pee pee in the toilet. i am now hoping her teacher will teach her about potty time in school or i will have to find other ways to lessen her fear of doing her business diaperless!

Monday, September 13, 2010

my clumsy ziyi

this little girl of mine is a very clumsy child. she's been falling a lot ever since she started walking at 11 months. she's very "kan-cheong" and hardly look where she's heading to. there are always minor cuts, bumps and bruises on her body. sigh...

last friday she fell down a flight of stairs when we were at home. i was closing my room door when this fella ran towards the staircase without stopping in time and she fell down the stairs, about 5 steps and she stopped at the 5th step faced down...phew! thank God she did not fall any further otherwise i dare not imagine the consequences from the fall. luckily there were no bruises nor bumps on her body and head. i think she must have hit her head and elbows slightly but thank goodness nothing serious happened to her.

on saturday night, another accident happened to her. she was walking up and down the living hall and out of a sudden she tripped and knocked on the sharp edge of the coffee table. this time kena her forehead...bruised and swollen.

she's forever so clumsy... and now that she likes to climb up and down the sofa and tables and performing heart-stopping stunts, i wouldn't be surprised if she falls down from the sofa one day.

a wet saturday with kayla jie-jie

daddy set up ziyi's private pool once again two saturdays ago. i invited my friend Melanie to bring her 2.5 year old daughter Kayla along to play with ziyi. first, it would be fun to see them playing together, secondly i feel it was sucha waste of water if it was only ziyi playing alone, so Melanie, if you are reading this, let me know if you want to bring Kayla over again :D

i, on the other hand, was busy in the kitchen preparing a simple meal for our lunch. i cooked one-pot chicken rice with shiitake mushroom (easy peasy meal) and slow-cooked red bean soup. 

ziyi likes to play with water, unfortunately kayla was a little afraid and we had to coax her into the pool. i was told that she did not even sit in the water throughout the 1.5 hours in the pool! yes, the girls spent 1.5 hours out there and ziyi was a little tanned with bikini line marks on her body even though we put them at the car porch shaded area.

this girl threw tantrum when we told her to wait for kayla to be here 
before she could start playing with water!

mil managed to get her to pose for the camera :)

the girls hugging each other, sooo cute!

after meal they get to play with play-doh

Friday, September 10, 2010

"pah meen" - homemade rice flour noodle

i wonder how many people out there who knows about "pah meen", with the exception of this blogger mummy of course :) honestly, i don't know the history of this noodle..hmm...i think i'd better ask my grandma when i see her the next round we go back to seremban.

my grandma is a good cook. she makes very good pah meen. the broth was super duper sweet, boiled using clams (la la), pork ribs and free range chicken.  grandma added extra prawns, homemade fish paste, choy sum and dried mushrooms. it was served with lotsa fried shallots and chili padi! 

it was so good that i ate 2 big bowls! everyone else love it too! 

picture quality was not that good as i snapped using my hp :(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

thai food @ section 17, PJ

i went for thai with one of my lunch-kakis the other day. this place is a thai specialty mini mart cum "cafe" situated in section 17, few doors away from MM Cafe at Happy Mansion area. silly me, forgotten to notice the name of the shop.

well, i noticed they have limited food choices though but i particularly like their pork ball noodle soup with added chili. yesterday we decided to try something different... we had stir-fried spicy minced pork with steamed brown rice and som tam (spicy salad made from shredded unripened papaya). we ordered beef balls to try as well (quite good!). i tell you...the food was so spicy despite us telling her to use only 1 chili for the som tam! yes, only 1 bird eye chili!!

pricing is not cheap though. the plate of brown rice with minced pork + fried egg cost RM7.00, som tam (for 2 person) at RM5.00, beef balls at RM0.50 each and bottled drinks at RM2.50 each. our lunch came up to RM26.00. well, i wouldn't expect to pay this kind of pricing for thai food at a small mini mart shop like this ;p

som tam with only 1 bird eye chili 

minced pork with brown rice

beef balls

bottled drinks 

cooking area at the entrance of the shop

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ziyi's 26 months old development

i have not been paying much attention to her development lately.. well, these are what i can recall for now:
  1. she is using 3-4 words sentences now, but she can't really engage in a conversation that well compared to other kids around her age. 
  2. likes phonics
  3. can differentiate basic shapes like triangle, circle, square, rectangle.
  4. can differentiate colors
  5. can sing simple songs with guidance. her favourite songs now are "Mary had a little lamb", "Old Mcdonald had a farm", "Row, row, row your boat", "Incy Wincy Spider", "1, 2 Buckle my shoe", "Twinkle twinkle little star", "Happy Birthday song" and a few children chinese songs too. 
her terrible two is still terrible. i still have to endure with it... well, i don't have a choice, do i? i've also stopped cooking porridge for her about 1 month ago and she eats what we eat now. still a fussy and slow eater but her weight gain is still on track. apparently she eats better while in daycare, children really like to torture their parents, don't they?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

our weekend..

on the 27th August was Selangor's public holiday and we were supposed to spend 3 days in seremban with my mom and grandma. unfortunately hubby had to rush his tender project on Friday, so we only get to go back to seremban on Saturday morning. my grandma cooked so much of food for us! all the dishes are our favourites.

ziyi was so happy to see her grandma and thai-poh (great grandma) and the next best thing is because there's 2 big bunch of bananas waiting for her! she's a big fan of bananas, so her thai-poh always make sure there's bananas hanging there whenever she's back.

as usual, hubby is always reading his newspapers wherever he goes...boring....

ziyi was busy climbing up and down the chair and singing her favourite "ni wa wa" song

singing so loud and happily here

now, the food pics! my grandma's "la sau" dishes!!
curry chicken..

sambal petai (stinky beans) with prawns

grandma's own creation... "yong tan"
(eggs stuffed with fish paste and prawns, braised with beancurd sheet and ridge gourd)

rice wine chicken with wood ear fungus

there were more food not in the pictures like pan fried prawns (ziyi's favorite), stir fried veggies and fried fish. hubby's been bugging me to learn and pick up some of my grandma's cooking skills and all her secret recipes...especially braised sea cucumber with pig trotter :)


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