Friday, October 21, 2011

Big hug & big kiss

I saved our family photo as my laptop's desktop background. Last night when Ziyi saw the photo, she exclaimed loudly "MY FAMILY!"

She even said to me: "Mummy, give me a big hug and a big kiss...I Love You mummy!!!"

aaawwww........that's sooo sweet and lovely of her. 

my cutie monkey enjoying her time at the playground

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011

This is what I got from the sale. 12 books altogether, only 1 for myself :)

Total damage: RM83 (that's cheap! must go for their sale again next time)

Ziyi loves all of them and she was busy flipping her books the minute she saw them. I hope she will remain to be a book lover in the future.

Angry Ziyi..

Strong willed girl with attitude, that is how I would brand my 3yo girl. 

She got reprimanded by me one morning for spitting out her chewable vitamin in the car while I was driving her to the kindy despite me warning her not to spit it out. I got mad at her and threaten to throw her out of the car.  She cried a little and apologize after that.

When we reached her kindy, me being a "long-winded" person, reminded her again on what happened in the car earlier, stressing that the vitamin helps to prevent her from falling sick so that she could have her ice-cream again. She told me off by saying "NO ICE-CREAM, I DON'T WANT ICE-CREAM".... 
and off she went into the kindy. 

I called her to say goodbye and she refused to respond. Despite me calling her numerous times, she still refused to turn around and just walked straight into the kindy! My girl was mad at me for scolding her earlier. 

Later when I fetched her in the evening, she told her caretaker that she doesn't want mummy, just want daddy. Gosh, my little 3yo girl was holding grudges against me!

She is glued to the TV most of the time, another TV addict in the making.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Organic Oatmilk from BMS

We went to BMS near my house last Friday to get my mom her sugar-free oatmilk.  As usual, I was browsing for other stuffs and I spotted their organic 5 grain rice. I bought that to cook for Ziyi's weekend meals. She eats regular white rice in her school on weekdays, so I thought she should eat better quality food whenever I cook for her. 

The friendly staff there let her try a glass of their children range of oatmilk too. It's slightly sweetened with corn syrup and oligosaccharide. Ziyi likes it very much and she asked for more. So she was given a 2nd glass, but this time is kid's unsweetened soymilk. Tasted just as good.

I bought her the O'Kid Oatmilk to try. The staff told me to switch her formula milk to this oatmilk but I don't quite like the idea of giving Ziyi sweetened drinks 3 times a day religiously. She's going to drink this on weekends only, as her snacks. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

From a fussy eater to an adventurous one

Ziyi started solids at 5mo and later progressed to eating porridge at 8mo. At around 10mo, she started to show no interest in food at all. I thought she's bored with porridge and so I introduced rice to her.  She was quite reluctant to eat too. Generally, she was a very fussy eater and hardly ate anything during her younger days until lately, when she was 3 yo. It was my most torturous and stressful time with her. 

In the recent months, she has turned into a very adventurous person in trying out new food. She has become a better eater, means less stress for me too. Even when I cooked weird looking porridge (yes, I like to put stuff like beetroot, purple cabbage, leek, etc etc that no one else would eat them) with no seasoning at all, she still finish her bowl of porridge. Oh well, that's of course, with the help from my good ol' assistant, the TV!! 

She is also a "fan thong" (rice lover). She's happy with just plain white rice on her plate. If I attempt to cook something fancy like western food, it will be more difficult to feed her. Yes, I still have to feed her, and sometimes force feed her. She will try everything, but she won't finish up her meal on her own, voluntarily. Feeding is still mandatory.

Although she may not be a very good eater, but I'm glad she is willing to try almost everything.

Here, she ate 2 slices of cucumber, few bites of bread, some nasi lemak rice with sausage and tomato sauce and few mouth of steamed glutinous rice.

Caffeine addiction?

Whenever we eat out, hubby will definitely order his all time favorite, kopi-ping (iced coffee). My little one has turned out to be like her daddy too, she likes caffeinated drinks with ice!!

Each time she sees that big glass of kopi-ping or kopi O-ping on the table, she couldn't resist to have a sip or two. Knowing I won't allow her to drink it, she would always negotiate with me, asking for only 1 sip, but 1 sip will always leads to a 2nd sip. 

I've let her tried my barley ice, herbal tea (she even spitted this lo hon kuo drink), honey lemon tea, etc etc, but she still likes her daddy's drink better.

I always blame hubs for seducing her with the caffeinated drinks, he could have ordered other healthier options instead but he refuse as he is also another crazy caffeine lover.

Learning to write chinese character stroke

A week after attending her chinese lessons, she came home with a workbook on writing chinese character strokes. She was so engrossed with it and she insisted on doing her "homework" everyday, even though there were actually no homework for her!

When I looked at her workbook, I knew I am going to have a hard time coaching her on her chinese homework in future. I can only recognize 1 word out of the many words written by her teacher!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The flu bug was here and still not leaving us alone!

Yes, me and Ziyi. She was down with cough and cold for the past 1 week, not too serious I'd say. I gave her Zyrtec for a few days and she recovered. Too bad, 2 days later her cough and cold took revenge and this time her cough is disrupting her sleep. She has finished her medicine earlier, so no medication this round. I was hoping to let her immune system fights itself. I can see improvement in her condition, lesser cough during the day and hardly any coughs when she's sleeping too.

This morning it was my turn to be bitten by the flu bug! Started off with sore throat and I did a quick home remedy.

I gargled with sea salt, took a teaspoon of Manuka Honey neat, drank a cup of honey lemon (juiced a whole lemon) and popped vit C too. I am feeling slightly better now but can feel the flu is coming and I've been sneezing the whole morning....

Hope all of us will recover soon!

Random... @ 3yo 3mo

Some random pics on what we did over the last 2 weekends....

Went to MV and she is  still obsessed with fountains and balls.. stayed at this area for quite a while, refusing to leave

The little samseng not afraid of height, will climb and jump all the time

Playtime on the bed with daddy and mummy just before bedtime, love the laughing & cuddling moments.. psst...this don't happen often, coz mummy gotta attend to other house chores, this is usually leave to daddy (hubs is better at playing with her)

I brought her to the playground and she likes playing hide and seek

Happy girl

Having our brunch at a Makan Makan cafe. Ziyi tried everything served on the table, she likes the steamed glutinous rice and nasi lemak rice.

I was surprised to see her chowing down 2 slices of cucumber! 

Her current favourite, tomato sauce...

At 3yo 3mo, she has evolved from a fussy easter to a "wai sek" little girl... she is quite adventurous on food but won't eat much though. I still have to rely on the idiot box to distract her during her mealtime.

However, I'm pretty happy with her eating habit now, as compared to her younger days where I had to throw most of her food away coz this girl was not interested in eating anything at all! Hope this adventurous part of her will continue and not just a phase...

1st day in her chinese class

Ziyi has never attended any Chinese classes in her kindy. It is a separate class with additional fees to be paid for a 35mins session daily.

We reckon this is the right time to start her as she likes to sing chinese songs, but of course, she can't understand what she was singing though! 

Yesterday (Oct 3rd) was her first day in Chinese class and she already learned a few words from her teacher.  The minute she saw me at the entrance of her kindy, she was shouting and saying "ma ma hao mei li" (mummy is pretty) and "pa pa zhu zhuo gong" (daddy goes to work).

She was darn proud about it and telling everyone at home too!

I hope she will be able to catch up with the rest of her classmates and master this language in no time. 

my cheeky girl with her new toy bought from Daiso


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