Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cakes for ziyi

ziyi is not a cake person. she doesn't really like eating cakes. but she wouldn't mind eating chocolate cake because she likes chocolates. fyi, i am quite strict with her food intake so i always forbid her from eating junk food, candies and chocolates. however, i believe that we still have to let them try a bit of everything so i still let her try all the forbidden food in small amount once in a blue moon. so far she has eaten chocolates but not candies so that's how she was introduced to chocolates and that was where her interest for chocolate cake started.

last night i was browsing the internet for novelty/children cakes. i showed her some of the pictures and she would tell me which design she likes.

me: do you like the horse cake? (she's crazy over horses)

ziyi: yes (nodding)

i kept on showing her a few other designs and she just nodded or shook her head. she likes those with number designs too. so i told her she has to choose the #3 cake coz she's turning 3 yrs old soon. later when i showed her Barney designs...

ziyi: Barney!! i want Barney cake!!!

me: ok.

knowing she is a big Dora fan, i clicked on Dora's designs and....

ziyi: Dora, Dora, Dora!!!! i want Dora and Boots and Swiper!!!!! i want!! 

me: so you prefer Dora or Barney?

ziyi: i want Dora! 

hahaha, she's one crazy fan of Dora The Explorer. so now mummy is busy sourcing for a baker who is good at making those figurines. it would be perfect if the cake can be in the design of a number 3, with Dora, Boots, Swiper and a horse too. i think the cake has to be in chocolate flavor too. i just can't wait for ziyi to turn 3 years old in 3 months time. 

my grandma's birthday

it was grandma's birthday last week but we organised a simple family dinner for her a couple of weeks back. the dinner was held in The Regent Restaurant, Seremban. 

this is baby Leanne, my cousin's daughter, enjoying her cereal

cutie pie leanne sucking her thumb

my girl playing with leanne

grandma's birthday cake

being officiated by my cilipadi

at the restaurant, everyone loves the food here including ziyi. she especially likes eating prawn!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

being a full-time working mother

i do not have the luxury to be a stay at home mum, or rather a work at home mum. if given a choice, i would choose the latter. i don't think i can keep my sanity if i were to take care of a hyperactive child day and night. 

since i do not have the luxury to choose my own working hour, i therefore had to adhere to my company's strict working hour. my current working hour starts from 8.30am - 5.30pm and it takes me 1 hour to travel from my house - office and vice versa. however, ziyi's school hour starts from 7.45am - 6.00pm, meaning i can't reach my office on time and would have to leave the office earlier in order to fetch her by 6pm. 

juggling between work and family is not an easy task. waking up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for hubby and myself, getting ziyi ready for school and what makes things worse is her drinking habit. she always takes a good 20mins to finish her 7oz milk. every morning i will be yelling at her "drink faster, drink faster, mummy is late, faster faster!!" 

after fetching her from school, i have to bathe her, fix her some fruits and snacks (thank God she eats her dinner in school at 5pm) and spend some time reading and playing with her. by the time she's asleep, i would be dead tired too. not forgetting there are still housework for me to do since we do not have a maid to help me out. 

of late, i don't look forward to public holidays and weekends so much compared to last time. holidays like these means more work for me. cooking, household chores and entertaining her really exhaust me. i can't wait for ziyi to grow up and hopefully she would become my great helper. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

super unlucky day for me

this past Sunday was a very unlucky day for me. 3 unlucky incidents happened to me on the same day! so "suay".

first, we went for breakfast at McD and when hubby was reversing my car into the carpark space, he stepped on the accelerator a tad too much and couldn't brake on time, resulting to a minor dent and scratches on the car bumper. sigh!

then i had to rush out to Sunway Pyramid to meet my school friends for lunch at 1pm. after our lunch gathering, i spent some time at the IT Centre to search for a casing for hubby's Iphone4 and later went to buy some hair accessories for ziyi on my own. when i wanted to pay at the cashier counter, i realised i only had RM11 left in my wallet. where's the rest of my money? i remembered having few hundred bucks in my wallet. so i thought maybe i could have left the money at home. later i walked to my car at the basement level and drove to a nearby autopay station. after paying for the ticket, i drove to the exit but unfortunately there was a traffic diversion and we had to use the Sunway Hotel exit instead. traffic was at a standstill and it took me almost 20 mins to reach the exit point. at this point of time, i realised i have no parking ticket with me! gosh!! i looked for the carpark help desk and showed them my receipt to prove i have paid my parking ticket but the guy insisted to charge me RM20 for lost ticket. i was unwilling to pay him of course. first it was because i don't have enough money and secondly, i thought i might have left the parking ticket at the autopay machine. after almost an hour of searching for my ticket (i had to go to various levels to search for "the" autopay machine), i finally found it and managed to exit after wasting 1 whole hour at the basement carpark.

when i reached home at 6pm, i tried searching for my money frantically. no luck at all! later that night i checked my wallet again and i realised my IC and driving license were gone too!! i knew at that instance that my money was stolen at Sunway Pyramid. i usually have this bad habit of keeping my receipts and credit card slip together with my money. i realised one of my credit card slips was missing too. when i called the banks to block and cancel my cards, one of them told me there was an online transaction done about an hour ago. these crime syndicates were fast! they are definitely highly trained for pick-pocketing. they took my wallet out from my unzipped handbag (and mind you, my wallet is the longish type), removed my money, IC and driving license only. my credit cards and ATM card were untouched. and then put my wallet back into my handbag without me realising at all. so skillful!!

all these 3 bad things happened to me on the same day. i hope all the bad things are gone and good luck will come soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ziyi sleeps exactly like her daddy

this is my cili padi sleeping on our bed. she sleeps like her father, with her arm covering her eyes! 
like father like daughter. 

fell sick 3 days after her HepA jab

Ziyi was due for her hepA jab and we sent her for the jab on the 19 Feb. Her usual peadiatrician was closed (again), so we went to Columbia Asia Hospital for her jab by Dr. Yong. She had her weight and height measured. To my pleasant surprise, ziyi’s weight was above average, nearing to 80% mark on the chart. I was on cloud nine. I never expect this cili padi of mine to achieve this weight as she has always been a fussy eater.
This time she had her jab on her buttock as opposed to all her previous jabs, which were on her thigh. she refused to lie on the doctor’s examination bed, so Dr. Yong suggested me to carry her, with her legs wraparound my waist. I find this way better and easier to manage her. 

3 days later ziyi fell sick, with temperature so high that it got me worried and we sent her back to Columbia Asia and this time it was Dr. Cheah. as predicted, she was diagnosed with throat infection...AGAIN :( 

i was glad when her doctor said ziyi did not need antibiotic as she did not fit the criteria to be prescribed with antibiotic yet. we were instructed to administer her with Nurofen & Paracetamol, 3 hourly gap, alternating the medicine. apparently Nurofen has an added benefit: anti-inflammatory.

we were told to send her back if her fever did not subside after 4 days. true enough, i had to send her to the doctor on Friday night when her fever shot up to 39c. the MO at the hospital suggested for a blood test. my poor little girl was wrapped up with a huge blanket with 2 staff nurse holding on to her while another nurse pricked her finger. it was so heartbreaking to see her crying in pain. 

we collected the report an hour later and we were so glad it was not dengue fever but her bacteria infection reading was quite high. the MO prescribed her with Augmentin. 2 days after administering her with the antibiotic, she could attend school after being absence from school for almost a week.

i'm making sure she drinks barley water once a week and coconut juice too. right now i am diligently feeding her with probiotics and multivitamins to boost her immune system.

your eyes gonna fall out!!

ziyi is a late sleeper and she wakes up very early every morning too. this hyperactive child just dislikes sleeping. 2 nights ago, she was still wide awake at 10pm and insisted to read her ABCs from Starfall.com website. 10 mins later i saw her rubbing her right eye vigorously and she complained her eye was painful. i knew she must be tired and sleepy. 

me: is your eye itchy?

ziyi: no. pain-pain

me: if you don't sleep now and keep looking at the computer, your eyes will fall out (i made the sound effect too, DOOM)! if your eyes fell, you cannot watch cartoon anymore. 

at this point, she looked at me with a serious expression and i knew she believed what i said....LOL

me: do you want to sleep now?

ziyi: yes (extending her arms out for me to carry her).

she lied down on the bed, forcing her eyes closed.

me: open your eyes. mummy wants to see your eyes.

ziyi: (shaking her head) i want to sleep.

i find it so funny and i told hubs about it and we burst out laughing! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sending lil monster to Sunday School

3 Sundays ago, we sent ziyi to Sunday School in USJ. hubs made arrangement with his colleague, who is also a member of the church. the session starts from 10am to 12pm. she was very clingy and refused to join other kids, throwing her tantrums by lying on the floor, etc etc... 

we knew we have to leave the place in order for her to behave and listen to instructions. so we decided to leave her there at 11am so that she could join the class. we informed the "teachers" that she would cry for a while and i assured them she will be fine as she has been attending kindy since she was 2 years old.

true enough, she cried twice, for a very brief moment but she sat in the class and listen to "teachers" telling stories and singing. we will continue sending her so that she'll get used to it and, and, and, a break for mummy!!!

she received this as a welcome gift!

my new workstation

after contemplating for so long, i finally decided to get myself a workstation, to be placed in my room. i went into Ikea's website and found this table. it's white in color and i like it. we went to Ikea the next day to get the table and i commanded hubs to fix it immediately once we reached home! 

lil monster kaypoh-ing

no easy task, it took him almost 3 hours!

she too wanted to help 

tadaa... we even bought a white chair to complement it. 

our free stay at Resort Suites, Sunway

we got a free night stay at Resort Suites, Sunway after attending some talks at Sunway Healthy Lifestyle. spent slightly more than an hour for the talk and we were presented with a voucher at a destination of our choice (under Sunway Group).  we chose this hotel as we didn't want to travel far and it was meant for ziyi to play and have fun at the swimming pool. we checked in on the 5th day of CNY.

lil monster officiated the bed

getting ready for a wet experience!

cheerios for her while waiting for daddy to get changed and go for dinner.

we went to canton-i for dinner. i was quite disappointed as i wanted to eat their dimsum dishes but it was not available during dinner hour. after dinner, we bought 2 slices of cakes from Secret Recipe, 1 cheesecake and another chocolate cake (specially requested by lil missy)

we had a pleasant surprise when baby leanne came visiting too.

overall, we had a pleasant stay and i like it for its convenience as the shopping mall is just next to the hotel. hubs was commenting that we could go for a late night movie if ziyi wasn't with us...muahahhahaahah

bad parents!


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