Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bro in law's Wedding Dinner cum party

It was an eventful yet tiring weekend for all of us. Apparently this past weekend was considered "good day", many couples tied their knots on this day and many like us who received "summons" too!

It was my bro in law's wedding dinner on Sunday night, but there was already a buffet session on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (after the tea ceremony session).  Ziyi kept asking me what's going on at home, why they set up a tent, etc etc.... I told her there will be a party held at home and she thought it was her birthday party! LOL

On a side note, Ziyi's been very cheeky lately. The other day when I asked her to help me put her own dirty clothes into the laundry basket, she took her clothes, walked and stopped half way, then she looked at me:

Ziyi:  "I cannot, it's too heavy"
Me:   No, it's not heavy and see, you are holding it.

Without thinking, she immediately dropped her clothes on the floor and repeated her statement
"It's too heavy".

I was speechless and shocked with her action and replies!  

Ziyi at the entrance of the restaurant. She insisted on bringing her own handbag too, filled with her toy lipstick, mirror, bangle and dollar note!

Enjoying her milkie while waiting for the dinner to start

Friday, September 23, 2011

An evening at the park

My girl is an hyperactive child, at least she is to me, since baby. She could never stop except when she's sleeping. She needs lots of outdoor activity to help drain her energy, lest she'll be draining mine if I were to entertain her at home.

She loves the park and playground too, which kid doesn't anyway. But I dreaded it because she never want to leave the place even after spending more than an hour there. I always try to find excuses not to bring her out to the park whenever I can (bad mummy).

One evening, I felt guilty for not bringing her out for quite some time. So I brought her out to the park and seeing the expression on her face was priceless!  She was so happy running and jumping around the park, climbing up and down those exercise bars/equipments provided at the park. 

We went to see others feeding the fishes at the lake too. And she said this to me: "Remember? Ziyi and Kayla feed the fishes at the shake shake bridge?" LOL... She was trying to recall what she did with her friend last week at a park in Bandar Botanic. And why shake shake bridge you may ask.. that's because she watched her Thomas & Friends CD, Wobbly Shaking Bridge! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ziyi on a breakfast protest

Yesterday when I picked her up from her kindy, the caretaker told me that Ziyi refused to eat her breakfast provided by the kindy. They served crackers to everyone yesterday. 

I later found out that's because her best friend Su Jien (a boy 1 yr older than her) brought his own breakfast (cake) and Ziyi wants her own food in her own container too!  I just bought her a new Thomas container and she wanted to use it. This hard-headed girl just refused to eat anything no matter how much the teachers tried to persuade her.

Right after fetching her from kindy I had to detour to the bakery shop to buy her a cake for her to bring to kindy today. She was so happy when I reminded her that she has her Thomas container in her school bag this morning. She even told her father that she wants to show her Thomas to her friends!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Improvement in reading @ 3+ yrs old

Ziyi started her reading from the Peter & Jane series. They are easy with few repetitions of the same word in a page.  Recently when I tested her on her Dora's book like the picture here, she impressed us further with her improved reading skills. She could read almost 70% of the words in most of her Dora books.  I should give credit to her kindy on her improvement as well.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Threats & Rewards

Disciplining my little rascal ain't easy. She is one hard-headed person with very strong will. Got character eh... but real difficult dealing with her especially when she has an impatient mother like me!

Lately I have been threatening her quite a bit and that really works on her. For instance, I'd tell her she's not supposed to touch any power plugs/sockets else she'll turn into a skeleton, just like the Korean Cartoon character, Nado (she saw Nado turning into skeleton on the iPad game). 

I sometimes tell her that if she runs around in the mall without holding my hand, the bad guys will catch her, chop off her limbs and let the stray dogs eat her up. And if she doesn't finish up her milk/food, she will be punished by Jesus for wasting food.

She will be very scared when I make up stories like this to threaten her! 

After using threats on her for a few times, I began to realize that I might be overdoing it. Will she think the world is such a scary place to live in? Will she become a bully herself by threatening the weak when she grew up? I seriously have to stop using all these threats and be more patience in dealing with her..

On the other hand, I try to praise and reward her with lots of kisses and hugs and her favorite food whenever she's obedient and responds to my request promptly.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My daughter's favorites @ 3.2 yrs old


She loves chocolates....milo drink, chocolate milk, chocolate flavored buns/cakes/pastries, all things chocs!

Fish/meatballs, sausages, hokkien mee, fried rice, fries, nuggets, ice-cream...

Berries, papaya, banana, mangoes, grapes...

Cartoon character:

No longer likes Dora, she's now into Thomas & Friends and occasionally Moya, one of the characters from Hutos Animation. And that obviously explains her love for anything in BLUE color too! She told everyone that only girls like Blue and the boys like Red, because her favorite color is BLUE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BB Leanne's birthday party

Continuation from our long Raya break. My cousin came visiting from JB with his 3yo son, Nathan. This time they stayed at my place as my in laws were away for the week (yay yay yay!!!) 

We went shopping for BB Leanne's birthday presents at The Gardens. Had tea break at Alexis, their Tiramisu was so good! 

BB Leanne's birthday party was held on the 1st Sept, at Fullhouse Sunway Giza. That's her 1st birthday celebration and the venue was nicely decorated.  The kids were having so much fun running and jumping around.

ziyi was happy smiling here because she got her favorite blue color balloon

Her current craze over boy's toys...fav blue color, fav Thomas & Friends character. This bottle was a gift from my cousin and she initially chose a red one for Ziyi and a blue for her son Nate. Ziyi was screaming on top of her lung when she saw her red bottle, she obviously wanted a blue, and must be dark blue, not even light sweet blue tone. sigh....

The birthday girl......cutie pie Leanne!

Another cutie here....BB Elise, a month younger than Leanne, do they lookalike? they are cousin sis!

 Ziyi and her new found friend, Summer Jean...her name is sophisticated eh? can you believe it that her lil bro's name is Tyler Winter? :D

Nate and Ziyi, lovely don't they?

Friday, September 2, 2011

hubby's car broke down

Unfortunately, hubby's car broke down on Monday evening when he was about to leave his office. But, we were lucky because it happened on the eve of Raya so the traffic condition was still acceptable. I had to drive down to KL to rescue him.  While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, hubs showed her around his office building and Ziyi thought it was a fun outing for her. She was busy going up and down the staircase and ramp and going in and out of the building using the 2 different entrances. 

I took the opportunity to capture a few shots of her since we could view the KLCC tower beautifully lit up from this location. 

Her sharp eyes spotted a fountain across the road 

Finally reached the car workshop after a long wait and hubs was reversing his car into the workshop.

our weekend

With the long Raya cum Merdeka holidays, we had some plans to keep my little monster occupied.  On  Saturday morning, we brought Ziyi to the park at TTDI together with my friend and her daughter Kayla. We were glad the weather was really good.  That was my 1st visit to this park and I learnt that this place is popular amongst family with young kids. We spent almost 2 hours at the park. 

We left for lunch at Greenview SS2 and headed home thereafter. On Sunday I decided to stay home and cooked a simple lunch for us. I tried a new recipe - Soy Sauce Chicken. My auntie used to cook this dish when I was living with them and I never had a chance to savor it ever since I left for my studies in KL. I chose to cook this dish because it's a simple recipe and also because I miss my auntie's cooking. 

Original recipe did not call for sesame seeds but since I have a packet of it in the fridge, I just sprinkled it on top before serving. Everyone gave this a thumbs up, especially my food critic hubby and he had 2 bowls of rice!

Organic tofu with mushroom sauce

Stir-fry organic choy tam with garlic & I boiled a pot of chicken herbal soup too.

Notice her t-shirt? It's a boy's sleeveless top because she is currently crazy over Thomas & His Friends and her favorite color is BLUE. She kept telling me she doesn't like Dora & Boots anymore. :S


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