Sunday, January 17, 2010

baby ziyi's vaccination @ 18mo

ziyi had her DTP booster vaccination in January 2010 at her usual paed. she is still so afraid of the doctor and wont let her dr to even touch her. it's always a struggle for me to keep her still. the jab must be quite painful as her the jab spot was a little swollen.

for the record, ziyi's weight is now 10.2 kg (average weight) and her height is 83.5 cm, slightly above average.


coffeesncookies said...

she's still on rompers ! so cute ! oh.. i really miss those rompers days of amber with a fully diapered bum bum,, walking around like a little duckie.
ziyi has a cheeky smile huh !

Tammy said...

elaine, all her rompers still fit her very well, she really is a skinny minnie baby!

Tammy said...
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