Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ziyi turns 2!!

we had an early birthday celebration for ziyi since her birthday falls on a weekday. it was just a small gathering with hubs side of family plus my cousin n her hubs. we'll do a 2nd celebration with my mom and grandma this coming weekend in seremban.

i cooked seafood olio, pizza and crock pot chicken wings while mil cooked acar and some ginger wine chicken. i ordered some sate and a barney jelly cake for ziyi, and since hubs b'day is only 2 days away from ziyi's, i bought hubs a cake too.

ziyi's fav character

food, food, food

chantilly pudding from RT Pastry... the cake was very good

barney jelly cake.
we didnt order from the infamous Qjelly but fr a lady in tmn desa old klg road. the jelly taste so so much better than Qjelly and the price was also so much cheaper.
thanks to my friend who recommended this to me.

surrounded with pressies from daddy, mummy, suk-suk(s), gu-gu, suk-meh, jie-jie, yi-yi, yi-cheong, kayla jie-jie, and angpows from ta-ta and ah-neh.

happy birthday sweetheart! we'll always love you very very much!
from daddy and mummy.


Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Ziyi!! and yes, the lady in Taman Desa do a better jelly cake compare to QJelly... We always order from her too! and Ziyi is pampered with all gifts and love ya.. :D

Adeline said...

Happy Birthday Ziyi!

Tammy said...

Thank you for the wishes.

coffeesncookies said...

Happy Bday Ziyi ! I heard jelly cakes are expensive coz they use a special type of jelly.. the sort that doesn't bleed and that's expensive.


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