Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My life as a SAHM, temporarily

I had the privilege of becoming a SAHM for the past 4 months. The daily routine of chauffeuring her to & fro kindy and Chinese tuition, cooking her daily lunches & dinners + spending lots of time with her at home, had its many pros & cons. As a result, my hands became rougher, dry and cracked and my blood pressure shooting the sky most of the time but I seriously miss all my precious time with my precious girl (now that I'm back to the work force).

I no longer had the privilege to eat with her and teaching her homework. After work would be too tiring for me to play and spend quality time with her. I still miss her very much everyday and I call home daily to talk to her. I still envy those mommies who are SAHM but I cannot stand staying at home for a long period either. Anyhow, I need to contribute to the household expenses which seem to be increasing all the time. How nice if my hubby is a multi-millionaire! Dream on >,<

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Adeline said...

Oh I didn't know you quit your job old job? What are you doing now?


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