Tuesday, January 6, 2009

is this a good time?

hubby told me he has made up his mind to come back for good in june 09. i'm thrilled of course! but then again, i asked myself is this a good time?

with the current economic turmoil everyone is worried they will get laid off and try very hard to hold on to their jobs. yet hubby is going to tender his resignation?? should i still be thrilled???

hmm... i asked myself again, if this is not the time, when is a good time? after all he has been working in viet for 2.5 years and by june it will hit 3 years. it's long enough to be separated from his loved ones (me, of course and now ziyi, our new addition!) for 3 years!!

this is so exciting!! im going to have my hubby back! yay.....

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