Sunday, January 4, 2009

poor baby ziyi, she's constipated

it's been a week since ziyi last poop-ed. she has been trying hard to poo yesterday but to no avail. i've to stop giving her rice cereal and feed her with just sweet potato, pumpkin and papaya for few days. since it was her first try on papaya puree, she was not accepting the taste well. in fact, i find it yucky too when i blended the fruit.. hehe .... these are her reactions...

luckily, when i fed her the papaya puree today (her 2nd try) she starts to like it.
i did some research on the internet and found tht there are a few home remedies for constipated babies:

1. avoid BRAT - Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast

2. increase water intake, preferably warm water or feed them with diluted prune or apple juice (1 part juice, 1 part water)

3. bicycle excercise - with baby lying on their back, lift their legs with knees bent and make a cycling motion in the air

4. massage their tummy in a clockwise direction

i've done all the above mentioned methods today, i even fed ziyi with barley water. i hope to see improvements very very soon.

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