Saturday, May 23, 2009

baby / nursing room

these pictures have been sitting in my laptop for quite some time and i've decided to post them now. when i was still breastfeeding baby, i had to go places where there are nursing rooms available. whenever i go to Subang Parade, i will use the baby room inside Parkson. about a month ago, i was at Subang Parade again to meet a client and i came across their baby room located at a corner of nowhere. to my surprise, the baby room here is spacious and clean. 

i'm sorry for the small pics here, it took so long to upload these photos!! as you can see, the baby room looks fresh and clean, but i find it too secluded and quiet, without any female security guard manning the place (unlike the baby room at the curve). 

anyhow, i still prefer the one inside parkson for safety reason. :)

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