Saturday, May 30, 2009

Laptop & handphone

i need a new laptop and a new handphone desperately!! the laptop i'm using currently belongs to my mom and it only has a memory of 256mb! can u imagine how slow it takes to load a window?? the message "Virtual Memory Is Low" always pop up at my desktop. it's either i upgrade the memory or get a new one.

next in my list would be my handphone, been using this pda phone for quite some time, around 2+ yrs i think. i've no complaints about my handphone, except for its talktime and standby time. it can only last me for 15mins of talktime with a fully charged battery! i'm now scouting for a new handphone and probably not a pda phone this time, and it shouldn't cost more than rm1000. i hv to make sure it's a handphone with long talktime and standby time. any suggestions what phone i should get?

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