Saturday, November 21, 2009

trimming ziyi's hair

Trimming ziyi’s hair was really a challenge for us. Yesterday I put her seated in the bathroom with her clothes off and quickly trimmed her fringe coz twas poking her eyes but this little girl freaked out when she saw hair on her lap and tummy! She cried but i tried to ignore her and quickly continue trimming it. This time she was sooooooo scared, she shivered when she saw more hair on her lap.... hahahhahaaaaa!

I quickly called hubs to come to her rescue. Daddy carried her and i tried to trim her hair but she refused to lift her head up. So i decided to stop trimming her hair and bathe her but this time she refused to stay in the bathroom either. Haiz..... i let her played with her toys in my room for a while, hoping she will forget the incident. From then onwards, she didn’t allow me to hold her comb nor scissors! LOL.... how to bring her to the hair salon for a nice hair cut, u tell me....

Now her fringe is not nice and not straight! Looks like kena bitten by rats!

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