Saturday, November 21, 2009

grocery shopping for ziyi

bought these items for ziyi:

organic brown rice vermicelli - i cook her vermicelli soup on weekends
ingredients: brown rice, sago
- no preservatives & coloring
- nutritious & high fiber

heinz muesli & apple - for weekends consumption when i'm too lazy to cook for her. sometimes i will mix the muesli with yogurt for her
- iron-enriched
- good source of iron
- no added colors or flavors
- no preservatives
- egg free

pepperidge farm goldfish - snacks for ziyi
- baked snack crackers
- baked with real cheese
- natural, no artificial preservatives
- 0g trans fat


Health Freak Mommy said...

Is the Heinz muesli tasty? I wish my Baby would eat food like this. I'm surprised that your girl would eat the muesli with yoghurt. She sure has a healthy tastebud.

Tammy said...

the muesli taste quite nice and not too smooth as she prefers food with texture. she spit it out initially, so i have to coax her each time i feed her. i usually turn on her fav vcd and quickly feed her when she's engross with her show.


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