Thursday, December 17, 2009

ziyi's "drinking" habit

this girl has a weird drinking habit since young. she can never lie still to drink her milkie...that's one of the reasons why she was weaned off my boobs when she at 9mo.
i must always find ways to keep her lie still to drink her milk....either singing to her, showing her flash cards, reading to her, or asking her to point n tell my body/face parts.

here, she's "reading" a book while holding the bottle and i still hv to remind her to suck n drink her milk, otherwise she'll just bite the teats.

besides her usual formula milk and her all time fav H2O, she will not drink any other flavored/sweetened drink (i'm glad). however, after letting her tried vitagen, she loves it so much so that she can gulp the whole bottle at one go.

see mummy, i finished the vitagen...can i have somemore plsss.....

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