Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ziyi's 4th day in daycare (6th July '10)

she's been having nightmare since attending daycare without me accompanying her. she's restless and kept waking up calling "mummy" and at times (in the middle of the night) she'll climb all over me asking me to carry her "mummy...pao...go..."  my poor little darling...

this morning when i sent her to the daycare, she cried the minute my car stopped in front of her daycare. later when teacher Diana tried to carry her from me, she held on to me soooo tight! i kept telling her i had to go to work, and will come back to pick her up and bring her to jusco to play with kayla jie-jie tonight. she understood me and replied "sit horse".

her fear of separating with mummy is so great and today is friday... next monday is going to be worse..

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