Monday, January 24, 2011

my metabolic age & fatty me!

i have high metabolism rate as i feel hungry after 1-2 hours after a full meal. 3 weeks ago, i went to check my BMI and found out that i am underweight (my ideal weight would be 53 kg for my height of 157cm). bummer! i would be so fat if i were at that weight! 

my metabolic age is 23 yrs old! hah..that explains why i am always feeling hungry. when i was breastfeeding ziyi, my weight dropped to 42 kg when she was 4 months old, compared to my pre-pregnancy weight at 45 kg. sadly, after i stopped breastfeeding when she was 8.5 months old and once she turned 1 yr old, my weight shot up to my current weight at 46.3 kg. gosh, i blamed this on hub, since he is a food lover (so am i) and we really love to indulge in all our favorite food without thinking twice on the calories and fats! 

i am trying to control my diet once in a while, hoping to lose 2 kgs. fingers and toes crossed!

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