Tuesday, January 4, 2011

let's meet Dora The Explorer with other little fans!

ziyi has been a Dora The Explorer's fan ever since i bought her Dora's DVD to watch. when i saw the advert on the newspapers stating that Dora will be making an appearance at Metrojaya, i knew i had to bring her to meet her idol. 

we braved through the massive traffic jam near Mid Valley and headed right to the Premier carpark at The Gardens without a second thought. 

still very very fascinated with water fountains!

and horses too!! she MUST sit on the horse whenever she sees one. but this is just a decoration my dear ziyi, but she didn't care and insisted on sitting on it!! 

haha, surprisingly she was not afraid of this.

kayla and ziyi at metrojaya, while waiting for Dora to arrive. look-alike? 

she kept standing next to Dora and the personnel there had to chase her away...muahahahaaa!!! 
apparently you will have to purchase RM50 worth of Dora's merchandise in order to be entitled for a photo taking session with Dora! 

kena chased again

'hug Dora'... i thought she'd freaked out when she saw the giant version of Dora, hahahhaa!!

both the girls really heart Dora and they did not cry at all! good girls! 

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