Sunday, February 20, 2011

ziyi at 2 year 7 months old

my little monster's hep A 2nd dose jab was due yesterday. we brought her to the paedic at Columbia Asia Hospital as her regular paedic clinic was closed.

she weighed 13.5kg and her height was 91cm. i think it was not very accurate as ziyi refused to stand still when her measurement was being taken by the nurse. however, doc said her weight is now at the 80% on the graph, which means she has put on a lot of weight since her last check up at 2 years old. i'm very pleased to hear that :)
i had to carry her when she was given the jab on her buttock and my tough cookie did not cry a wee bit. i immediately promised her a sundae cone from McD.

she's doing very well in kindy now and does not cry in the morning when i send her to the kindy. she can speak very well and likes to give commands too. for instance when daddy is using the phone while lying down on the bed: "daddy, don't lie down, eyes will spoil. must sit up". she has become our little mama now!

our little mama feeding her dolly milk-milk

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