Saturday, February 12, 2011

a new paediatrician

there's a new Columbia Asia Hospital in our neighbourhood, Kota Kemuning. a friend recommended the paediatrician from this hospital to me lately and since ziyi was having fever so i thought of giving this doc a try. what i like about this hospital is the ample parking space and since it's new, everything is so clean and new. 

we were greeted by the friendly reception staff and i immediately registered ziyi to see Dr. Yong. actually i wanted her to see Dr. Cheah instead but it so happen that Dr. Cheah was not on duty at that time and i couldn't wait coz ziyi's fever was pretty high, at 39c. 

she's forever active, climbing up and down!

the waiting area

Dr. Yong gave her some stickers as she was unusually well-behaved and listened to doc's instructions! i was amazed as she used to cry whenever she saw her previous paediatrician, Dr. Vino.

waiting to collect the medicine at the pharmacy

reception counter

ziyi was prescribed with Augmentin (antibiotic) and Zyrtec for her runny nose. she was diagnosed with inflamed throat and enlarged tonsils, thus causing her to have high fever. 

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