Thursday, May 17, 2012

Natural skincare for sensitive and irritated skin

I've been doing lots of research on skincare products for Ziyi. I bought these recently:

MooGoo: Udder Cream (as moisturizer) and Irritable Skin Balm 
(this helps in soothing her irritated skin)

Sukin: Gentle Shampoo and Botanical Body Wash

These products are free from SLS and Paraben which is considered safe for her to use. I have also brought her to Ranjit Skin Specialist to check on her eczema, and was prescribed with some antibiotic cream. After applying for a week, I can see improvements but not completely healed yet.  Hope these stuff that I bought for her helps in maintaining her skin condition better.

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Anonymous said...

You should try moogoo's scalp cream (sc) as moisturizer. sc are moisturized than udder cream and can be used the whole body.


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