Monday, September 24, 2012

Long Awaited Trip to JB & Singapore

During the past Merdeka Holiday weekend, we took a short trip down south. Stayed overnight at my cousin's house in JB before heading over the sea to Singapore for 1 night stay at V Hotel. 

We drove in to Singapore on Friday morning, left the house at about 10+ am and reached V Hotel (at Lavender Station) at 12pm. The traffic at the custom and causeway was very slow. After getting our passports stamped at JB Custom, we crawled over the causeway to Sg Custom and took us a while to fill up all the dis/embarkation forms. After clearance, we were supposed to follow the RED Lane in order to get down to the VEP office to get the AUTOPASS card. There was no proper signage directing us to the VEP office, and we went to the GREEN Lane instead. The officer was very kind enough to let us make a sort-of U-turn to park our car and get our Autopass card done at the motorcycles only VEP office. It was a very quick process: filled up a form, presented the white slip of your road tax, paid S$10 for the card with a pre-loaded S$4.00 value. For more information about this, I found some info here.

The hotel room was small, but we were happy with it because it was clean and presentable. Left for USS on the MRT. Stopped at Harbourfront for a quick lunch and went to USS on a monorail. 

Reached USS at 2pm, it was drizzling but we didn't mind because it was not too crowded. Paid for 2 adults ticket, and Ziyi entered for free :)

The rest shall be presented in pictures:

Those above were taken at USS, while this was on the following day, at Garden By The Bay. We forgotten to bring our camera with us on the 2nd day in SG. Sucha waste! We went to the city garden and also Marina Bay Sands. Ziyi was very fussy as the weather was so hot and we were quite tired from all the walking. The city garden consist of 2 domes, but we only made it to 1 of them. Very interesting. A must visit attraction.

We hailed a cab to get back to the hotel. Slightly more expensive than the train but it's definitely a faster way especially when everyone of us were so tired. Headed back to JB in the evening, got stucked in the heavy traffic near the SG customs again.

Spent another day in JB, visited the Premium Outlet, nothing fantastic though. We left for home on the next morning. Spent a total of 2 days in SG and 2 days in JB. Need to make another trip down south for the Legoland and Hello Kitty Themepark. Must plan it on a non school holidays, non public holidays, and non weekends too!!

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