Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off the bottles

At 4 years 1 month old, Ziyi is completely off the bottles. I started weaning her when she turned 4, but I was not doing it consistently though. During one of the long weekend holiday last month, I decided to hide her bottles away and told her I've thrown them away *evil grin*

As of now, she has been drinking her milk from a grown up cup for 1 month. She sometimes drink Anmum formula milk, fresh milk or Oatmilk, depending on her mood. However, getting her to down her milk quickly in the morning is still pretty difficult as she can be quite fussy early in the morning and wants me to feed her instead. 

I'm glad I've successfully weaned her and not having to go through the hassle of washing her bottles and teats and not forgetting changing the teats every 6 months. She was using Cherub's baby glass bottles though and it is quite a waste to keep them away as they are still pretty new. Perhaps these bottles can be passed down to her future sibling?? 

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