Tuesday, April 28, 2009

baby ziyi weaned off mommy's boops

i started supplementing baby ziyi with formula milk after breastfeeding her exclusively until she was 8.5 months. she refused drinking her formula using Avent bottles and so i gave Dr. Brown's bottle a try after a friend told me about it. i find Dr. Brown's teats are softer compared to Avent's. finally, after trying for 2 days, baby ziyi was sucking the teats and drinking her formula from Dr. Brown's bottles! 

when she was about 9 months, i managed to reduce my breastmilk supply (by not expressing my breastmilk so often) and nursed her only twice a day (before and after work). by now (she's almost 10 months), i've stopped nursing her completely. she was ready to wean off my boops and so was i. 

there was no struggle, no unhappy moments in the process of weaning off..both mommy and baby are happy about it.

but mommy is sad about 1 thing... my boops seems to have shrunk!! :(

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