Sunday, April 19, 2009

meal time = battle time

baby ziyi has been refusing to eat her normal food for the past few days. it was so stressful. i had to try many many ways to coax her into eating her food. she'd shake her head and fuss everytime the spoon touches her lips. she'll end up drinking her formula as her meal replacement, lucky she still willing to drink her formula. i did not bring her to her paedic yet, my instinct told me that this might just be due to her teething discomfort. mother's instinct is usually right, hor??

so far i've been able to feed her tiny amount of bread with cheese/unsalted butter and her biscuits which she loves so much. today, i've decided to make her scrambled egg yolk and she loves it. it's super easy to cook and i will do it again for her.

scrambled egg for baby/toddler

1 egg (use only yolk for infants below 12months old)
finely chop onions
finely chop veggies (any veggies that your baby likes)
shredded cheese (i used cheddar)
unsalted butter
full cream milk

mix egg yolk and a little milk in a bowl.
heat the wok and put in a dollop of unsalted butter
saute onions and veggies till fragrant
pour the egg mixture and stir fry gently till it's fully cooked

p/s: sorry, there's no photos to show here coz i've again forgotten to recharge my camera's battery.

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