Friday, March 19, 2010

terrible two - my nightmare!

ziyi was extremely difficult to handle last night. first, she wanted to walk up the stairs by herself, then walked down on her own too. fine! i entertained her for a while. then i told her "Enough!" coz i don't have whole night to entertain her nonsense.

i brought her into my room and she started crying "waaaaaaahhh"... non-stop! i offered her toys, books, and whatnots but she still won't stop crying. she finally cried until she threw up! brought her into the bathroom to bathe her and she wailed again after stripping her ... i was so mad at that time and almost wanted to lock her inside the bathroom but did not coz i worried she might fall down on the slippery bathroom tiles. then daddy came to carry her and brought her out of the room, attended to all her whims and fancies!

no amount of coaxing could make her go into the bathroom with me and so i was left with no choice but to ask mil to bathe her. this little rascal didn't want me to bathe her, clothe or touch her! are smart, they knew they have "khau san" (someone they can rely on)!

i really cannot stand her nonsense and i definitely do not have the patience with kids. if i were to be a kindy teacher, i think i'd have strangled all the kids there.

i dare say ziyi is really spoiled to the max! PIL & hubby will make sure all her whims and fancies are met. i'm always the bad guy...hehehee.


Food For Tots said...

Not only terrible two but horrible three! Hahaha! Scarry huh? I had gone thru these 2 phases with lots of struggling. When you have cool down, try to explain and justify to her so that she will learn from her mistakes.;)

coffeesncookies said...

take a deep breath and tell yourself.. this shall pass...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yes, hopefully this phase will pass soon. Most kids go thru this phase. From terrible twos, they may progress into terrible threes, just like my #3!


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