Thursday, March 4, 2010

my 2010 cny cookies

i've been meaning to post this up during cny, but i was soo bz... naahhh...actually i was ermm... lazy. :D
well, i made 3 types of cookies during cny this year. 1st was the macadamia nut choc chips, then pineapple rolls and also german crunch cookies. sorry, no pics to post here since i've lost all my data :(

the choc chips cookies were pretty good, and i've friends asking me to sell them! i managed to sell 12 tubs, 2 for own consumption and 3 for giveaway.

wanted to sell pineapple rolls too but after making 2 batches, i realised i couldnt manage because it was very time consuming since i do not have a maid to help out and i have a toddler to attend to. ended up keeping few tubs for own consumption and gaveaway 3 small tubs too.

last was the german crunch cookies. one of the easiest. made only 3 tubs. gaveaway 2 of them.

anyway, i'm jotting this down for my own records. oh... i may be able to retrieve some of the photos i posted on FB. will try to do so when i have a chance to get my hands on hubs notebook.

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