Thursday, April 15, 2010

modern "cane" or rotan

in asian cultures, caning children as a form of punishment and to instil discipline in them is common. my mom used to cane when i was young. the type of rotan she used was a long bamboo stick kind. this type of rotan will leave marks & scars on your skin for days! my mom told me i was very well-behaved until i was 3 years old. that was when she started caning me.

i bought a cane to discipline my girl too. but not the bamboo type, i saw this cane called "big hand" at one of the kiddie store near my house. it cost me RM9.90 for 1 big hand! apparently this type of cane will not leave visible scars but just some redness on your skin.

i showed it to ziyi the minute i entered the house and boy, was she afraid of it! she kept avoiding me and ran to her grandfather! funny.

i hope i won't need to use it on her but just to threaten her whenever she's up to some mischieve behaviour and not listening to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,

Where did you bought this big hand? My little ones are becoming too naughty and I have just decided to buy some canes. This would be handy..

Tammy said...

i bought this from a kiddie store in kota kemuning. are you living somewhere near to this place? if yes, i can give you the direction. So far, i hv not seen this anywhere else except this shop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I am visiting M'sia for a week at the end of May. I am just wondering whether i can purchase these in K'Lumpur city centre. BTW, does this have a handle to hang on wall? I want to display them but dont want my kids to reach and hide/break them. does this create a pain similar to cane? My 3 kids require good few cannings to stop their naughy bahavior but unfortunately i cannot find any canes in Australia.*_^

Tammy said...

Hi, I'm not sure if this can be found in KL area, as I've not seen them anywhere else. This does not have any handles for you to hang but you can use a string to make into a knot.

and yes, it's as painful as the normal cane, minus the scar. it's really good.

if you don't mind, i'd be glad to help you buy it from the store here, and pass it to you when you are back in KL later.

let me know k. you can always email me at

Anonymous said...

in fact many stores selling canes in malaysia. Long and thin. I guess that will be painful =(


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