Monday, April 12, 2010

our saturday (10th Apr 2010)

started off the day with a visit to the wet market in kemuning to get all the ingredients needed to cook for ziyi. i pan-fried chicken patties with chopped broccoli and stir-fried minced pork with capsicum & french beans - all to be frozen for ziyi's whole week consumption. i spent the whole morning cutting, chopping, washing and cooking.

then i pan-fried some cheese sausages, spinach + cheese omelette and toasted some bread for our breakfast too.   later i cooked some noodle with leftover omelette from our breakfast & minced pork for ziyi's lunch. thank goodness she liked it! it was almost 3pm when i finished feeding her lunch & milk plus cleaning up the kitchen and i was dead tired!

i brought ziyi up to the room for her afternoon nap and this little rascal refused to sleep. played with her toys, read her books, disturbed daddy and mummy. i used the stick of a balloon to scare her, pretending to cane her, yet she wasn't afraid at all. i had to coax her to sleep coz we were going to bring her for a swim at our aunty's condo. an hour later, the hubs said we should leave now as we still have a birthday party to attend at 7pm! i dragged myself out of the bed and started packing their swimming stuff and we left at 4.30pm.

i thought ziyi would fall asleep the minute she's strapped in. i was wrong! she was still wide awake - from kemuning to the federal highway - and fell asleep when we were somewhere near sg. way. by the time we reached our destination, she woke up from her 40mins nap. as predicted, she was very grouchy and cranky. i changed her into a bikini (a gift from my cousin from the States) and she looked so cute. it was a tad loose for her eventhough the tag read 18M. see how skinny minnie my girl is.

we had a hard time getting her to sit in her float

she cried each time daddy carried her into the pool eventhough she loves water. my poor baby did not have enough of sleep. somehow, we managed to coax her by giving her a small cup to play with and they played in the pool for about 1/2 an hour. i was busy snapping their pics away.

she had another wailing session when daddy bathed her and resumed to her normal self after changing her. we headed to our friend's house at 7.30pm for his son's 1st birthday party. there were lots of good food - fried noodle, fried rice, curry fish head, rendang chicken, vegetables, butter prawns, and fried chicken. all home-cooked. his wife, a thai nationality, cooked some of their local food - tomyum noodle, thai salad, chicken feet soup (gross to me), and some other thai food which i wasn't sure of the name.

the hubs had a few beer and chatted with his friends while i was busy eating and feeding ziyi. :) we finally headed home at 10pm and ziyi dozed off in the car.

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