Tuesday, April 6, 2010

finally...a new laptop for me!

i'm so happy with my new laptop! after searching around (through web & stores) for almost 2 months, hubby finally bought me this. it's an Asus A42F series. initially i was eyeing on Dell, whereas hubby Acer until we read an article comparing the percentage of manufacture defects among the few famous laptop brands and Asus has the least complains from users on manufacture defects. the price is slightly more expensive than the other 2 brands but i quite like this design compared to Dell. i was using Acer previously and honestly, i didn't like it very much.

at first we wanted to pay by credit card so that we can use the 12mths interest free installment plan. later we found out that there's a one-time charge of 5% handling fee. That'd cost us an extra RM119.95. So hubby changed his mind and paid by cash instead and we managed to negotiate for a further discount of RM50. better deal isn't it? we saved a total of RM169.95.

this laptop comes with an original Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. it has so many new features and i'm still struggling to familiarise myself with it :)


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